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How the Graphite Design Tour AD XC Wood Shaft Carries More Distance

How the Graphite Design Tour AD XC Wood Shaft Carries More Distance

Every golfer aims to level up their game. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, focus, power, and grip can impact how you play. Even the right shaft matters for the ultimate game. Today, golfers can achieve and advantage by making sure their golf shafts correctly match their swing dynamics, flexibility, and accuracy. Of course, with as many brands as there are these days, it has become a little challenging to choose the right equipment to fit a player’s needs.  

In the past, only wood shafts were available in the marketplace. It took golfers some time to master them, and they were bound to become obsolete because wood shafts are frail and inconsistent in the long run. To address this problem, golf manufacturers designed and developed steel shafts for more reliable and consistent performance. While steel used to be the professional choice, today golfers prefer graphite shafts. This is where the Graphite Design Tour AD XC shafts come into play.

The Next Big Thing: Say Hello to the Newest Tour AD XC

Tour players and top club makers across the globe prefer this shaft manufacturer due to its revolutionary technology and designs. They produce some of the highest-quality performance shafts in the world, with options to suit golfers at every level.

Last September 6, the Tour AD “Xtra Carry” XC debuted in New Jersey as Graphite Design’s latest creation in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts. Designed to complement the Tour AD BB, golf experts describe the new Tour AD XC as a modernized BB. This is because of its similar bend profile. But what differs between the two shafts are the latest ingredients of the XC series. These are Graphite Design utilized two Japanese material technologies – the T1100G and the Torayca M40X –  to produce even less spin and launch with more feel at impact. 

Experience the Power and Control of the Tour AD XC!

If you are looking to add power and distance to your game, here’s a rundown of what the Tour AD XC has to offer: 

Torayca  M40X

The engineers from Graphite Design incorporated Torayca M40X carbon material in the mid to tip section of the Tour AD XC. It is the first variety of the Torayca MX series carbon fibers which is high in both tensile and modulus strength.  It is 30% stronger than conventional carbon fibers, which makes for a lighter, easier to manufacture shaft. 

T1100G with NANOALLOY Technology

Aside from the M40X carbon-fiber pre-preg, Graphite Design also equipped the AD XC with T1100G. This material technology is in the mid to tip region for precise ball control and shaft stability. 

Aesthetic Design with No Distraction

Outside of the base color, nothing has changed with the branding of the new Tour AD XC wood shafts. Its classy black scheme with red and silver accents help it stand out from the sea of black shafts. The sleek and futuristic graphic design remains the same: long, silver fade effects at the tip, a matte clear coat finish, and black and white Graphite Design branding on one side.

Unmatched Consistency and Great Feel

Its consistency on the fairways is one-of-a-kind: no ballooning shots, no wild shots, and no bullets through the course. Like the other Tour AD wood shafts, the Tour AD XC has high-quality carbon-fiber materials that come in five weights: 40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, and 80g. Its shaft profile is softer in the butt section and stiff in the mid and tip section to deliver low/mid launch angle and low ball spin.  

Finding the best shaft to match your game has a huge payoff – more distance, desirable trajectory, and better control. The right golf shaft means a better golf game. JD’s Clubs is ready to fit you with a Tour AD XC model of the premium Graphite Design golf shafts today. Connect with our fitters by calling us at (763) 458-4318.

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