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How the Cobra Speedzone Driver will Speed Past the Competition in 2020

How the Cobra Speedzone Driver will Speed Past the Competition in 2020

It was only last year when Cobra introduced the F9 SpeedBack driver which instantly became a contender for the Best Driver of 2019. Fresh off of the remarkable success of the Speedback drivers and fairways, Cobra King has unveiled its latest line of drivers with the 2020 Cobra SpeedZone Driver and SpeedZone Xtreme Driver.

They developed the SpeedZone with the fastest auto-racing cars across the globe as an inspiration. As its “SpeedZone” name implies, Cobra wants to improve the performance of every “zone” throughout the different clubhead designs. These zones, or areas, tackle all the factors of driver speed, weight, CG (center of gravity), and overall performance. 

What’s new with the Cobra SpeedZone?

Cobra has been embracing the yellow and black colors with some red accent in their drivers. Today, the company is offering an alternative for golfers who don’t prefer their signature colors.  For women’s models, the colors rose gold and gloss black are offered, while off-white with the black and white color combination is also an option. 

The SpeedZone Driver has a classic acoustic thump and a heavy feel. If you are a fan of the F9 Speedback’s sound and feel at impact, you recognize the same intensity with SpeedZone. 

Meanwhile, the SpeedZone TL is also available. The TL stands for “Tour Length”, and it means that the shaft is an inch shorter than the standard model (44.5” instead of 45.5”). The weight should be added to the head to balance the swing weight at shorter lengths. Moreover, the SZ TL goes with 18g and 6g weights. 

Get into These Six Speed Zones Today!

Cobra has tapped into the wonders of supercars to optimize six zones of performance. Like a racecar, they designed every component of the SpeedZone – from the internal chassis design to the exterior shaping — to maximize its power. Here is a run-down of the six zones to watch out for: 

Power Zone – CNC Infinity Milled Face

When Cobra developed the Speedback drivers two years ago, they incorporated CNC milled face technology to improve the precision and consistency of the driver. Today, they have equipped their newest line of drivers with a different technology – the Infinity Face – which expands the milled area by 95%. As the milling crawls to the topline, – like those edgeless infinity pools in high-end resorts – the SpeedZone twins deliver more consistency and maximum ball speed. 

Strength Zone – Titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis

SpeedZone drivers feature a Titanium T-bar Speed Chassis. Cobra removed the unnecessary sturdy titanium from the head, and then covered the T-bar body with two large pieces of carbon fiber to create more discretionary weight. Moreover, the re-imagined T-bar Speed Chassis maintains a stable structure that can withstand high-speed collisions. 

Light Zone 

The new chassis design allows more lightweight carbon fiber to make up fifty percent of the head. It frees up 6.3 grams of discretionary weight which doesn’t sound like a big deal. But for driver designers today, the extra weight redistributed on other areas can deliver excellent stability, create fast and forgiving performance, and withstand high-speed impact. 

Low CG Zone

A low CG plays a crucial role in a driver since it maximizes ball speed, spin, and launch. As Cobra saved weight with the design tweaks and the new chassis, they relocated the 69-grams of mass savings to the back of the sole to improve launch conditions for golfers of every skill level. That is 29 grams more than the F9 Speedback, which is a significant weight shift in a single year. More discretionary weight means lower CG and more MOI (Moment of Inertia) for impressive launch conditions on strikes across the face. 

Aero Zone

One of the strengths of the Cobra SpeedZone Driver is the combination of aerodynamics and low CG. The milling marks along the topline deliver an aerodynamic boost that preserves speed and reduces drag during a 100 mph or faster swing. 

Stability Zone

In the new Cobra SpeedZone drivers, the dual Baffler Rails provide stability and offer better turf interaction. High-speed stability is essential for both racing and driver performance. SpeedZone drivers are stable on off-center hits and allow the club to glide effortlessly out of any lie and deliver more ball speed at impact. 

If you’re looking for a reason to buy the latest Cobra SpeedZone driver, here are several: Cobra has replaced heavier materials, manufactured with even more precision, and made the club sturdier overall. It has a retail price of only $450 which costs less than many drivers in the same class from other golf manufacturers. All Cobra SpeedZone products are available online and at the retail beginning on January 17, 2020. If you want to get your hands on these drivers right away, pre-order at JD’s Clubs today!

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