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How “King” Diamana D Limited Rules the Course
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How “King” Diamana D Limited Rules the Course

While shafts are often ignored over the club heads, they play a significant role in a golfer’s gameplay. With the right “engine” for your driver, it’s easy to strike a ball with the center of the clubface, which makes for a truer shot. If one of your goals is more to shoot more consistently, make sure you’re using clogs with decent shafts. There are a lot of good shafts on the market (and a lot of bad ones). Compared to other products shafts aren’t too expensive, but they’re still an investment. 

Mitsubishi Chemical recently took a giant leap in creating shafts that help unleash a golfer’ potential. Along with the S+Plus Limited and D+Plus Limited models, the Diamana D Limited is changing the game for golfers and retail fitters. The expanded specs, weights, and flexes give both ends more precision and a high chance to fit whatever your profile is. Diamana D has a good chance to match your swing speed and provide a strong trajectory to help you golf your best game. 

Get Ahead of the Rest with Diamana D™ Limited

Professional golfers continue to trust Mitsubishi shafts because of their consistency, strength, and exceptional ability to hit under pressure. Between wins on many of golf’s major pro tours and helping average players level up their games, Mitsubishi has earned a lot of respect with the introduction of Diamana shafts.

Diamana™ D Limited led the triumph of some of golf’s best players, including the victors of six majors in the last three years. The shaft provides outstanding workability and stability for full control of the shot’s trajectory. It has its own way of handling thorough swings, without the slightest worry of getting out of track. As part of the “White Board” family, it’s low launch and spin challenges one to smash better. Apart from renowned technology, Diamana D’s fitting options are what make it stand out from the rest. Once matched to your specs, it can give amazing results that few conventional shafts can. 

What Makes Diamana D Limited the “King” of Golf Shafts?

Diamana made its way into Tiger Woods’s bag for good reason. Its high kick point, low launch, and low spin make it worth an investment. But, these factors alone aren’t just all that set it apart from the other performers. The following Diamana D Limited features and technology prove that it’s really the “King” of the fairway:

DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber

DIALEAD is the one responsible for Diamana’s enhanced energy transfer and stability feature. As a high-modulus carbon fiber, it increases its strength twice as much as the material in standard shafts is capable of.  

Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) Technology

Adapted from Mitsubishi’s Rayon lineup, Diamana D Limited underwent the MDI to get control over the shaft’s stability and stiffness. The process helped increase the Limited’s resilience and optimize its torque. Torsion and bend are also upgraded in this shaft.

Tough-QURE™ Resin System 

Diamana series also incorporated the Tough-QURE™ Resin System. It combined softer and harder fibers to brace the shaft’s tip for a stable, enhanced feel at impact. 

Premium Ion Plating

The ion plating gave Diamana D Limited a sleek, premium look. Through a vacuum chamber, silver alloy ions and chrome are injected onto the shafts. It looks a lot cooler than most paintjobs you see on club shafts. 

Additional Flexes (SR, X) & Weight (50g model)

An advantage over the S+Plus and D+Plus Limited is that the Diamana D has an extended line of weight and flexes. These extra shaft options pave the way for golfers in-between Tour X and traditional stiffnesses. Also, fitters can now accommodate their clients with new shafts that most complement their playing styles.  

JD’s Clubs: The Best Store to Buy and Fit Your Diamana D Limited

The golf shaft in your bag can foster success or failure in your games. Experts from JD’s Clubs are eager to help you pick the one that adds more yards to your drives. Our fitting service will help make sure you make the most out of the “King” on your hands. We can also match and fit your Diamana D Limited with our top-of-the-line club heads to help you gear up to rule the green. Find out how you can get your own “King” today. Contact us at (763) 458-4318 or visit our website to learn more: https://www.jdsclubs.com.

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