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How Epic is the Groundbreaking Technology behind The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver?

How Epic is the Groundbreaking Technology behind The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver?

Each year, club manufacturers tout their newest technology as the best in the market. Generally speaking, though, little tweaks to club designs do not deliver effective improvements to ball speed, distance, or strike. One strikingly new development in golf club designs today is Callaway’s Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver. Callaway has set the bar high when it comes to premium drivers. The engineers designed the Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver to address the feedback of Tour players looking for a new fade biased driver. They programmed a $5 million supercomputer with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This is to examine and evaluate 15,000 different face iterations for the Epic Flash in order to optimize launch conditions. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver’s advanced technology can and does improve the average result of golf shots when compared to previous models.  

What Makes the Triple Diamond Different From The Original Epic Flash Drivers?

Callaway released limited quantities of the Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond last April 12. This serves as the new addition to the Epic Flash family of drivers. Although the engineers designed it with similar features and technology to the original Epic Flash, small, important tweaks came directly from the work of the staff players from Callaway and from professional tour golfers.

The Triple Diamond has a higher toe and a straighter top line than the two main models in the Epic Flash line — the standard Epic Flash Driver and Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver. Although it is slightly smaller than the 460 cubic centimeter head of the original Epic Flash, its 450 cubic-centimeter head works best for players who focus on control.

The Makeup of Callaway’s Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver

PGA Tour players can be demanding. Of course, they can because swinging that club is how they make their living. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver meets the demand of golfers who prefer lower spins. Here are some notable features of the newly-developed driver from Callaway:

Jailbreak Technology

Callaway introduced Jailbreak Technology which impresses golf players due to its added ball speed and forgiveness. As well as the increased distance it provided when combined with the face cup design. It utilizes two 3-gram internal bars which connect the sole and crown to tighten the body and convert more energy to the golf ball which seems only possible with larger driver clubheads. Based on evaluations, the patented Jailbreak Technology increases the ball speed by 2 miles per hour and improves the average distance for various swing types.

Flash Face Technology

With Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and a multi-million dollar supercomputer, Callaway developed the Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver with the latest Flash Face technology. It uses a new technique of face design to provide golfers with an exceptional face that enhances the ball speed through the center portion of the club face. Typically, a new driver design takes eight to ten iterations, but with machine learning, Callaway’s supercomputers have cycled through 15,000 face design iterations.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

The new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting in Triple Diamond drivers is a feature that helps golfers adjust the shape of their shots. Golf players can control their ball flight by repositioning the 12-gram sliding weight in the back which increases forgiveness compared to when it’s placed at the front of the clubhead. It aids the golfers to hit straighter and longer drives and minimize a slice.

Optimized CG for Increased Distance Control

Based on the feedback of Tour players who prefer to power fade, Callaway optimized CG for increased control. Often, players seek a little more spin to improve their control and workability. Moreover, some players who tend to hit higher on the clubface can lose ball speed with low CGs.

Progressive Face Technology

Since Progressive Face Technology has become famous for Tour players, Callaway created a new shape for its drivers. Compared to the standard Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver, the Triple Diamond has more face progression and a straighter top line. This means that it can help golfers to align the clubface to the target line to deliver a “neutral to fade-biased” shot.

The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver is a limited edition offering. Good thing, JD’s Clubs is one of the few retailers that sell it to the public. Get it in your bag today along with other upgraded equipment! Call us at (763) 458-4318 or check out our product line at our website.

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