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Hot Melt for Drivers: JD’s Clubs New Custom Golf Service
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Hot Melt for Drivers: JD’s Clubs New Custom Golf Service

Professional golf players have specific preferences when it comes to buying their equipment. There are different sets of golf clubs suited for each player’s needs. If you are an experienced golfer, you know that numerous factors can affect your playing style. 

Golfers add modifications to their clubs for better playing experience. Some buy different sets to make sure that they have a specific club for each shot. The most recent upgrade that golfers are looking forward to is the use of Hot Melt for their drivers.

What is Hot Melt?

Hot melt is a kind of adhesive product mostly used for golf clubs. Its primary purpose is to add weight, repair rattles, and to create a bias. Additional benefits include increased comfort for your club’s feel and reduced sound.

What are the Benefits of Using Hot Melt for Drivers?

Having your clubs treated with hot melt offers a lot of benefits. Here are a few of these benefits:

Hot Melt is Extra Sticky

Hot melt boasts its durability when used for golf clubs. Unlike the standard adhesives used for woods and packaging, experts use hot melt to fortify and add weight. This means that this adhesive will not harden, dislodge, and rattle around your clubhead. 

Hot Melt Can Reduce Sound

A common problem for professional golfers is the noise their clubs make when they strike the ball. Drivers are used for long-range shots. They emit a loud sound after you strike them because of their hollow structure. 

Hot Melt Can Create a Bias

When you strike the ball, it tends to fly in a particular direction, depending on how you hit it. This is called “flight bias.” When you add weight to your club with the help of a hot melt, it can create a smoother flight. 

JD’s Clubs Hot Melt Treatment Services

JD’s Clubs has specialized in custom golf equipment for over ten years. Check out JD’s Clubs specialized hot melt treatment today for only $45. If you get a new club, the hot melt treatment is free! For more details, check out our website at JDsClubs.com, or call (763) 458-4318.

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