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Hit Better with Fujikura’s MC Putter: Fujikura Golf
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Hit Better with Fujikura’s MC Putter: Fujikura Golf

In the world of professional golf, the putter shaft can determine victory or defeat. Every swing matters, and so does every shaft!  

What putter shaft suits you best? Go and get fit now!

The Fujikura MC Putter shaft is the second generation of the company’s putter shaft line, and it achieves more stability, better feel, and more reliable consistency than even its predecessor.

The MC Putter shaft offers three versions containing “Rubber Composite” and “Metal Composite” technology. In addition, it’s available in three distinct flex profiles to fit a variety of putting strokes: the Smooth, the Firm, and the X-Firm.

  • Smooth, the softest profile, works best for a golfer with longer putting strokes and a slow tempo. It enriches and balances the rhythm you feel on the head during the stroke while maintaining the soft flex on its course. It is only 307 CPM (steel runs 425-450), and it has just 1.3 degrees of torque, the lowest of the MC Putter series.
  • Firm and moderate profile. A golfer with moderate stroke and tempo looking for something a bit more neutral usually works well with this version, playing closest to traditional. It also splits the difference at 454 CPM.
  • X-Firm benefits the golfer whose stroke and tempo are short. Also, it applies to a golfer who prefers a stiff shaft. It is the most rigid shaft on the market, a bendable one with 607 CPM. 

The construction of these shafts is unique because there is an eighth-inch section of steel layered with the carbon fiber in the tip to produce low torque without having to layer much material. In addition, the more centralized balance point is created by the steel and copper balances at the bottom. Lastly, to enhance feel, a rubber core is co-cure with the carbon fiber over the length of the shaft. This results in a quieter and much more smooth, controlled stroke.

Accuracy. Consistency. Precision.

These are what the very promising Fujikura MC Putter shaft claims. Consistent putting requires continuous practice with the shaft that fits you best. 

The Fujikura MC Putter is now available at JD’s Clubs. You can get the most out of your golf performance by having it customized. Interested? Visit our website.

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