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Graphite Design Tour AD VR: The Holy Grail of Driver Shafts to Arrive at JDs Clubs!

Graphite Design Tour AD VR: The Holy Grail of Driver Shafts to Arrive at JDs Clubs!

Brand new for the 2019 Season, Graphite Design will once again rock the golf industry. Tour pros love the stability, ball precision and exceptional feel brought by the previous shafts such as the Graphite Design Tour AD TP and Tour AD DI. With a mission to push the boundaries of innovative shaft design to create a better game both for amateur and pros, Graphite Design never stops to develop game-changing products. In mid-September, golfers would surely be all eyes in the Holy Grail of driver shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD VR!

The Unique Features of Graphite Design Tour AD VR

    1. The Tour AD VR shaft boasts a firm tip which can promote optimal launch and spin conditions. The innovative tip technology also aims to increase accuracy and distance. The shaft profile of Tour AD VR is also firm at the handle, the center section medium to firm, and the tip uniquely firm. The prime objective is to promote a mid/high launch angle and low ball spin rates.
  1. The Tour ADVR also utilizes TORAYCA ®, T1100G carbon-fiber pre-preg with NANOALLOY ® technology. The excellent combination increases the shaft’s stability. It allows the player to perform greater clubhead speed. Moreover, golfers can improve their ball speed and accuracy without sacrificing distance. Aside from these fantastic features, players would also appreciate exceptional feel and control.

It’s time to create a deep impact on your game!

Graphite Design is well-known in the business for consistently developing and utilizing revolutionary technologies. Just like the previous issues, the Tour ADVR carries only the most advanced materials. While primarily created to gain improved accuracy and distance, the other amazing features would help golfers step up to the next level when it comes to shaft performance.

To be offered in the standard weights of 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 grams, the Graphite Design Tour AD VR will be available at JDs Club very soon. So if you want to create an impressive impact on your games, be sure to watch out!

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