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Good Golf News: The Tensei AV Raw Series Is Now In Stock At JD’s Clubs!
featured image of the blog titled "GOOD GOLF NEWS: The Tensei AV Raw Series is now in Stock at JD's Clubs!"

Good Golf News: The Tensei AV Raw Series Is Now In Stock At JD’s Clubs!

Over the years, Mitsubishi Chemical’s Tensei series built a solid reputation for a product that Pros trust and value. It earned a huge following as one of the most sought after brands in golf. Tensei’s Japanese name, which means “transformation”, reflects their sole aim of creating shafts that transform golfer’s play. While other shaft brands create confusion by releasing numerous names, codes, and colors, the Tensei series sticks with their original model and just keeps on working on continuous improvement for each of its lines. The CK, CK Pro, and AV are all respected for this reason. With the release of the AV Raw series, Tensei brought incredible shaft technology to the public – not just to the Pros’ bag.

Does The Right Shaft Really Matter?

Here’s one fact: Shaft influences your launch and spin. That’s why having the right one to pair with a good driver is so important. Each golfer has their own body type and swing, and each delivers the club differently to the ball. Your clubhead speed, angle of attack, and the path are the DNA of your swing. That means what works for your friend won’t necessarily work best for you. The wrong shaft will cost you both distance, accuracy, and feel.

There is no such thing as the “best golf shaft on the market”. Fitting plays a vital role in getting closer to perfection. An experienced fitter can help golfers hit straighter and longer shots by selecting the right flex, shaft weight, torque, and profile (spin and trajectory) for their unique swings. Golf is already a hard game as they say, so if you still use a shaft that is too stiff or too heavy, you’ll be making the game harder. Who wants that?

Tensei AV Raw’s Innovative and Powerful Features

The Tensei AV Raw was designed for ultimate power and control. It kept everything that golfers admired about the CK Pro Series and the Tensei AV Blue.

Find out the key features that make Tensei AV Raw extra powerful and popular.

  • The Tensei AV Raw series boasts a complete range of fitting options. This versatility accommodates players from different profiles.
  • Mitsubishi’s expertise in creating different combinations of resin and carbon fiber gave them the ability to develop unique, high-performing shafts. The result is an ultra-lightweight, top-class performer strong players will love.
  • The shaft’s fiber is coated with aluminum vapor that adds stability and aids in achieving the desired EI target. To avoid shaft ovaling and deformation, Mitsubishi’s engineers ensured that the aluminum-vapor coated weave in its butt section is tighter and thinner than the Tensei CK’s materials.
  • For enhanced feel and added strength, the Raw has 15% more fiber, and 13% Lower Resin Content (LRC). This careful application of material content allowed Mitsubishi to generate higher density carbon material without adding additional weight.
  • The Tensei AV Blue has its Straight Flight Weighting (SFW) system designed for improved ball flight. With this feature, you will be able to turn the club easier through impact, promoting a slight draw and straightening a slight fade.

A good thing to note is that Tensei’s AV Raw Orange possesses a counterbalanced design, shifting the balance point toward the butt end of the shaft. With that, golfers are given an opportunity to make performance adjustments either by adding weight to the clubhead or altering the shaft length?

Get Your Own Tensei AV Raw at Jd’s Clubs TODAY!

It’s now or never! Transform your game with Tensei’s AV Raw shafts. JD’s Clubs is an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Chemical brand Products. Our store has the highest standards when it comes to our service and products. You’ll only get the best of the best equipment and service here. Visit our site or call us at (763) 458-4318 to order clubs or schedule a fitting today.

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