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Golf Upgrades: How Do MMT Shafts Differ From Other Shafts?
featured image of the blog titled "Golf Upgrades: How Do MMT Shafts Differ From Other Shafts?"

Golf Upgrades: How Do MMT Shafts Differ From Other Shafts?

Every golfer has their favorite equipment. These days, you rarely see golfers buying complete club sets. They mix and match, finding out which club goes with what shaft and adding the perfect grip to support their swing. Although most players focus on upgrading their clubs and replacing their grips, some players forget the importance of their shafts.

To improve your overall performance on the field, you have to choose the right shaft that fits your playing style. Doing this will improve the consistency of your strikes and increase the chance of hitting the center of the ball. For better launch conditions, upgrading your shaft could make a big difference.

There are plenty of aftermarket shafts that could help you achieve the perfect strike. Recently, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings’ subsidiary, MCA GOLF, utilized Metal Mesh Technology in the manufacturing process of their golf shafts. This process helps you achieve your desired distance.

What are MMT Shafts?

MMT stands for Metal Mesh Technology, a new and innovative approach in golf shaft manufacturing. Layers of synthetic material are stacked to build its core, and a unique metal mesh made up of Stainless Steel is integrated toward its tip. Its design is carefully measured to improve the density and stability of steel shafts. The outcome produces a tuned, responsive shaft that can give you the consistent launch and spin control you need for excellent play.

What Are the Factors to Consider When I am Buying an MMT Shaft?

There are numerous factors to consider when you are upgrading your shaft. Apart from the materials, there are individual specifications that can affect its performance. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Shaft Type

Golf shafts have two basic types: steel and graphite. When you are upgrading yours, make sure that it suits your club and grip. However, if you want to mix things up a little bit, you need to know the performance you will receive from each of them.

  1. Steel Shafts – these shafts are weighty, and their torque rate is low. If made with the same length as graphite shafts, their weight will be even more massive. Steel shafts are more durable, and their appearance is dull, which makes them less expensive than graphite shafts.
  2. Graphite Shafts – these shafts are lighter, and their torque rates offer more range. This makes them ideal for any golfer, professional or otherwise. However, they are more expensive than regular shafts.

The material used for MMT Shafts is mostly graphite. Tour players choose this model because it is lighter than most graphite shafts, making it the ideal choice for professional games.

Shaft Flex and Kickpoint

Each shaft has various flex ratings (L, A, R, S, and XS) and bend points. Every manufacturer creates their shafts differently. This is why one shaft may be softer or harder than another. MMT Shafts offer all of the flex ratings to choose from. To correctly choose yours, make sure to test the swing speed of each, and find one that suits you. Choosing the appropriate shaft can influence your swing and ball flight.

Shaft Torque

A shaft’s torque rating is the rate of its twist every time you swing. Each shaft’s torque rating is different, and you have to choose one that is comfortable for you to handle. This specification will determine how a shaft feels. Since MMT Shafts are lighter, you can easily handle how you control its torque.

MMT Golf Shafts from JD’s Clubs

JD’s Clubs is a certified golf equipment reseller and service provider. Keeping up with the latest golf technology, owner JD Serres makes sure that every client gets the best equipment possible. JD’s Clubs always makes sure that they acquire the newest golf shafts possible for more substantial upgrades. If you need to replace your golf shaft with the latest Metal Mesh Technology, JD’s Clubs’ has got you covered.

Combined with a high-quality club and grip, the MMT Shaft can help you deliver the perfect swing that aligns with your playing style. Change your golf shafts today with JD’s Clubs’ latest MMT Shafts! Call us at (763) 458-4318, or check out our website at JDsClubs.com.

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