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Getting Solid Hit with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX now at JD’s Clubs
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Getting Solid Hit with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX now at JD’s Clubs

golf club has three main parts: the clubhead, shaft, and grip. The clubhead hits the ball, so obviously it’s important, and you can’t swing a club without  grip, so grip style and size matter too. The shaft gets less attention, but it’s as important as the rest of the club. 

The golf shaft is something like the engine of the golf club, and it can make or break your game. Your club head may help you achieve the distance and accuracy you need to better your game, but the wrong type of shaft will limit the success of your game. 

Your swing mechanics, ball speed, launch trajectory, spin, and dispersion will be affected by the wrong shaft no matter how much distance or accuracy your heads are meant to offer. The correct shaft can help you play your best golf by maximizing safety and allowing you to make progress instead of compensating.

What Green RDX has to offer?

Project X’s newest technical masterpiece is HZRDUS Smoke Green. Smoke Green is the stiffest HZRDUS shaft, intended to decrease spin for even the most potent swingers. It’s also the first significant shaft to use Hexcel’s Hex Tow HM63 fiber which helps the Smoke Green retain optimum stability and keep up with even the quickest swings. These are just a few things the HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX has going for it:

  • HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX is made with the next evolution of the popular HZRDUS T1100
  • This is the stiffest and lowest launching or spinning model in the HZRDUS RDX family. 
  • To optimize performance and feel, the Smoke Green RDX is designed with four different modulus carbon fibers.
  • They are made with a counterbalanced design allowing added clubhead mass for increased ball speed and MOI. Plus, you can play your club at a longer length without the swing weight getting too heavy.
  • The stiff handle and midsection that best suit a more aggressive swing are also secured. 

What Shaft Factors Affect My Golf Stance? 

All golf shafts come in various options to integrate with the player’s capabilities. They are built using different designs and technologies for exceptional outcomes. Knowing all these can help you play your best. Here are a factors to consider when shopping for a club shaft: 


Length is commonly measured in inches, but ask your store rep how the manufacturer measured the length as it can vary. 


Flex is determined by the shaft’s ability to bend under the force of the golf swing. Faster swing speeds need less shaft flex, while slower speeds need more. 


Shaft tipping is also called shaft trimming. Shafts are trimmed at their tips to give way for proper flex. Tipping reduces shaft spin, which then lowers ball flight. 


Weight is commonly measured in grams, but again it can be different depending on the manufacturer. A custom fitter will always help you find the weight that suits your swing best. 


Torque is the measure of the resistance of the shaft to twist. It is measured in degrees and an essential parameter in choosing a shaft. When your golf swing is high, choose low torque, and vice versa. 

Final Thoughts

While this names the factors you want to think about when you buy a club, that’s just half of the struggle. Remember that shafts need to be attached to the head professionally and that a custom fitting can help you invest in the best club for your swing and style the first time. JD’s Clubs offers exceptional golf equipment and services– including fittings! Check out the website for more information, and follow our social media profiles for information about new products as soon as they come out! 

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