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Get ready for the Speeder Evolution IV!

Get ready for the Speeder Evolution IV!

Speeder Evolution IVAnother exciting product is coming to JD’s Clubs from one of the makers of the finest shafts in the world – Fujikura. We are happy to announce that Speeder Evolution IV will be available at our store in October. We’ll keep you posted for this new addition to the brands we have in store for you. You can also follow us on our social media accounts for latest updates about this product – to make sure you do not miss something.

What can you expect from the Speeder Evolution IV?

  • It is made using 90T Carbon that contains wow resin RA 20% Prepreg
  • It has Fujikura new shaft patented MCT composite Copper Film Sheet technology
  • Mitsubishi’s new material MR70 is also used in Fujikura New Speeder Evo IV; it is called Pyrofil MR70, which has also been used in the Speeder EVO II / Speeder EVO III (MR70 is supposed to have the highest strand strength of any carbon fiber available)
  • With the material mentioned, it makes the club easier to hit long and straight by squaring up the face at impact; it is a lot more easy so the golfer does not need to rely on timing as much

Buy only at a reputable and recognized merchant

So, are you excited to have a first hand experience with the Speeder Evolution IV? You’re not alone; a lot of golf professionals and enthusiasts are. And, again, as we always say it here at JD’s Clubs, buy only at a duly-authorized and recognized distributor.

Again, our team here at JD’s Clubs will keep you posted about this new addition. Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for latest updates. Once the product is available, we will be adding them right away at our online facility where you can process your order right at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks, for as long as you are connected to the internet.

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