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Fujikura’s Breakthrough: Be the first to Witness SPEEDER NX Shaft
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Fujikura’s Breakthrough: Be the first to Witness SPEEDER NX Shaft

Since 1995, Fujikura has been at the forefront of golf shaft design and development. Fujikura’s mission is to turn ordinary bags into winning bags. 

This year, Fujukura’s new speeder line, boasting all-new Variable Torque Technology, is their biggest technological breakthrough in at least eight years. 

The Much Anticipated Speeder NX 

The Speeder line of Fujikura is on many top lists of the most-wanted and best-loved shafts in the industry, so when they announced that the Speeder Evolution line would be ending, anticipation followed for what would come next. The Speeder NX comes with breakthrough Variable Torque Core (VTC) technology made possible by Fujikura’s research with ENSO. 

Fujikura’s Speeder NX has a VTC that helps create consistent, controlled ball flight with consistent trajectory. VTC creates a unique golf swing since designers set it for a medium tone EI distribution. Manufacturers also engineered tighter torque at the tip and the hand for smoother turn and impact. The Speeder NX focuses on improving the timing and stability of every shot.  

The Shaft Worthy of Your Investment 

Here are a few factors that makes the Fujikura Speeder NX worth your investment: 

· Breakthrough Technology 

a. Variable Torque Core

This technology leverages premium materials and advanced layup techniques to refine twisting in the core of the shaft in the tip and handle sections. This advanced technology provides low torque in the handle and tip section to gain maximum stability. Meanwhile, the mid-section has high torque for better energy transfer. 


Fujikura partnered with ENSO to develop premium quality golf shafts. Their proprietary 3D motion capture system enables efficient analysis and testing of shaft designs. ENSO® analytics has helped lead to breakthrough innovations such as VeloCore and Variable Torque. The Fujikura-ENSO partnership allows Fujikura to analyze:

  • Club performance during a swing pre and post-impact
  • Shaft deflection and twist during the swing
  • Club head placement upon the impact of the ball
  • Club head performance based on shaft movement

· Performance

When we talk about Performance, the hype is real! Through extensive research with ENSO, Fujikura discovered that the shaft’s torque is one contributing factor to improving golfers’ overall performance. This convinced Fujukura to experiment with altering torque at different points of the shaft. VTC in Speeder NX focuses on stiffening torque in the tip and handle sections, resulting in increased stability and consistent dynamic loft and face closure at impact. The Speeder NX comes with mid/high launch and mid to mid/low spin profile, making it predictable, stable and forgiving. 

Get the Speeder NX and Get Custom Fitted now from JD’s Clubs!

 Fujikura is well known globally for making premium shafts that improve golfer performance. For the first time in eight years, they have significantly redesigned their Speeder line with brand new breakthrough technology (Variable Torque Technology). These shafts are now available at JD’s Clubs! Visit our website to take a look, call us at (763) 458-4318, or join our Instagram community to get updates on promos and discounts! https://bit.ly/3l72c9S

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