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Fujikura Speeder Platinum for sale

Fujikura Speeder Platinum for sale

What’s up, golf enthusiasts? Have you been looking for Fujikura Speeder Platinum for sale? You have come to the right place – at JD’s Clubs. We are an authorized distributor of this particular shaft, which is one of the brands that are in demand. This shaft might be the perfect one for your tour.

Why this shaft is gaining traction on tour?

There are compelling reasons why more and more are looking for Fujikura Speeder Platinum shaft and some of these are the following:

  • Outstanding performance and distance (consistent with what the Fujikura Speeder Evolution provides)
  • It promotes further ‘skipping” and roll, which is made possible by increasing the hand stiffness using 90t carbon the total length of the shaft
  • It’s 90t carbon total length also increases the acceleration of the tip during just before impact.
  • It also offers the following features: stiff butt section, moderate mid section, and a flexible tip, which creates a ‘bullwhip effect’ during the downswing.
  • Its ability to add kick speed without increasing dynamic loft is also what sets it apart from other shafts (according Pat McCoy, Fujikura’s Tour rep)
  • The high gloss look, which is similar to the vapor deposition utilized on Fujikura’s Vista Tour, is also noticeable in Fujikura Speeder Platinum shaft; however, unlike the previous model, the ‘platinum’ shine on
  • Speeder Platinum did not add nearly as much weight to the shaft.
  • Availability: 48g – 71g weights with flexes from Reg – XX-Stiff; Tip size is .335

Why shop at JD’s Club’s Online Store

If you are looking for Fujikura Speeder Platinum for sale, one authorized distributor you can go to is JD’s Clubs. You can order right at the comfort of your home, and in just a few clicks through our online store. We are considered one of the top most reputable custom golf club providers on the internet.

Visit our online store facility and browse through our great selections in our product line.

For more inquiries on Fujikura Speeder Platinum for sale at our store, call us today at (763) 458-4318.

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