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Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale

Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale

Hello guys!

Hope all of you are having a good time this holiday season. For sure, many of you are busy for holiday gatherings with friends or shopping for gift items for your loved ones.

Speaking of gift items, if you are looking for one to give to your loved one who is a golf enthusiast (or if you are buying as a gift for yourself), you might be interested with the 2016 Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale. It’s the newest of the Speeder Evolution line, which completes the family of products by providing a mid-spin and launch performance relative to the Evo I (high) Evo II (low). The Evo III is engineered for golfer looking for tour-level feel and performance, but with flighting and spin that will keep the ball in the air a bit longer.

What are the advantages of Fujikura Speeder Evolution III?

  • Designed with Metal Composite Technology (MCT) to have the wall thickness of the shaft lessened for feel but not sacrifice stiffness.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty when purchased and installed by an authorized Fujikura distributor.
  • Comes with more precise available fitting options within Speeder Evolution Series of shafts
  • Mid-launch with mid-spin profiles available

Visit our page for 2016 Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale for technical specifications or for online purchase.

Why shop at JD’s Clubs’ online store?

If you are looking for Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale, one authorized distributor you can go to is JD’s Clubs. You can place your order right at the comfort of your home – in just a few clicks through our online store. We are considered one of the top most reputable custom golf club providers on the internet.

Again, this item can be great gift for your loved ones or friends who love golfing. And, of course, you can buy one as a holiday treat for yourself.

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