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Fujikura Daytona Speeder: What Makes Its Rare and Exclusive Power the Best Golf Investment You Could Have for 2021?
featured image of the blog titled "Fujikura Daytona Speeder: What Makes Its Rare and Exclusive Power the Best Golf Investment You Could Have for 2021?"

Fujikura Daytona Speeder: What Makes Its Rare and Exclusive Power the Best Golf Investment You Could Have for 2021?

Golf has been called the “game of the elites.” That can be off putting if you’re just out to have some fun. It is true that, for many, part of loving this sport is keeping feelers out for the best clubs for one’s own swing and style of play. That tendency has been known to burn some holes in some pockets. In reality, that shouldn’t discourage you from getting on the links. Investing in a highly-reliable set of clubs such as the Fujikura Daytona Speeder can also mean investing in more opportunities to reach your maximum potential. While expensive clubs can’t make you a pro-golfer out of a beginner, they can help you move up to a higher level, and having the right clubs for you can be the difference between moving up and giving up, since the wrong clubs will make a fun game pretty frustrating.

If you find yourself looking at high-end golf clubs, you want ones that will actually provide a benefit. They should provide some advantages over those you can pick up at Wal-Mart or from any old discount website. For example: In the case of golf shafts, those above $500 had better include advanced construction, cutting edge technology and alloys, and design that will improve distance, feel, ball control, and consistency. A professional fitting can help you determine those things, too, if you need help. It’s an investment that can help you keep from feeling like you’re gambling on clubs. 

Fujikura Daytona Speeder shafts are an example of a premium shaft that does all those things. 

Are Expensive Golf Shafts such as Daytona Speeder Worth It? 

Some golfers love to go the extra mile for an edge in their favorite sport. They don’t mind spending more to get the latest technology upgrade. To them, every yard counts. For others, a top shelf shaft is a plain old confidence booster. In golf, like any sport, confidence is a major ingredient in success (and fun). Brands are working all the time to push the envelope, on one hand, and to make better clubs more accessible to the common player. Today’s amateur clubs are easily better than the pro clubs of a decade or two ago. 

But of course, expensive clubs don’t always mean better performance, especially because each golfer has their own set of skills and level of play. Some facts remain true. Among those is that beginners outgrow the benefits of “beginner” clubs quickly. But if you’re already an experienced player, an expensive shaft might be the difference between a scratch and a single figure. To ensure you’re making the right decision and aren’t just swayed by a fancy name, consult a golf expert or a trusted clubfitter in your area. While you won’t always need the most expensive club, your game deserves the right one.

5 Key Technologies Inside Daytona Speeder You Can’t Afford To Miss 

Fujikura continues to be at the forefront in producing the world’s best performance golf shafts. The company doesn’t expect golfers to settle for the basics. They take pride in premium shafts designed to maximize gameplay. The latest in their renowned jewel line of shafts, the Daytona Speeder, is just one of their treasures. 

Check out these 5 main features you’ll love about Daytona Speeder: 

Toray’s High-Spec Carbon Fiber “M40X”: Incredible Feel, Faster Ball Speed, & a Higher Degree of Stability

Fujikura and its customers benefit from Toray’s latest cutting-edge carbon-fiber materials. With Daytona Speeder, they have injected the new M40X pre-preg, which holds a powerful combination of higher fiber strength and tensile modulus. Unlike conventional shafts, Daytona also has higher shaft zonal tuning– achieved without adding any weight to the design. The result is faster ball speeds, higher shaft stability, and an unparalleled feel. 

90 Ton Carbon Fiber: Increased Power At Impact

To maximize velocity and increase power at impact, Fujikura utilizes a 90-ton carbon sheet at its full-length. It is more accurate and provides the lowest deflection rate – advantages you definitely want from your next shaft. 

MR70 x T1100G: Ultimate Stability of Daytona Speeder 

Fujikura doesn’t stop with those premium materials. The tip section of the shaft is reinforced with Mitsubishi Chemical’s strongest carbon fiber, the MR70, and Torayca’s T1100G, the latest in Toray Industries’ carbon fiber materials found also in their successful Diamond Speeder. Expect tour-preferred control and stability with this shaft in your arsenal. 

RC15% – Ultra-Low Resin Content: Elimination of Unnecessary Movement

By incorporating an ultra-low resin content pre-preg, you never need to worry about run-outs with Daytona. The RC15% sheet gave way to higher density fibers responsible for the shaft’s additional strength and enhanced feel. 

High-Strength Boron Fiber: Total Control 

Boron fibers are usually used on high-speed race cars’ wings and the tails of fighter aircraft because of their rigidity. Fujikura integrated this material in their existing pre-preg to develop high-performance golf shafts that won’t leave you hanging on the greens. 

Golf clubs are undeniably getting costlier over the years, but that shouldn’t keep you from making the most out of this sport. That said, if the premium price point isn’t out of your reach, the numbers speak for themselves. If you’re ready to give this shaft a shot, come on over to JD’s Clubs and try it out! 

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