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Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec for Sale

Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec for Sale

What’s up golf enthusiasts?

Here’s another item to watch out for this 2017 – Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec line, which just debuted on tour at the Career Builder Challenge at TPC Stadium, PGA West, where several players got the chance to test them in their metal woods.

Now, if you are one of those who are wondering where to find Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec for sale, well, the shaft is not yet available until March 1, but you can pre-order here at JD’s Club right now. Contact us at (763) 458-4318 or just email us at jd@jdsclubs.com.

What’s new in this latest addition to Fujikura’s product line?

Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec’s developer says the product “is geared towards the performance golfer looking to keep the ball flighted down with low spin. Continuing with our iconic “Tour Spec white” paint, ATMOS is a true tour flighted line of shafts with a simple color coding – red as the higher launching, blue as mid launch, black as the lowest launch – similarities include keeping the handle flexes the same for feel, but adjusting mid and tip sections for launch and spin to achieve your desired ball flight.”

Notable features

  • Designed and developed for the tour
  • Distinct because of their “flighted” design, helping golfers optimize their performance with each of their metal woods
  • Available in three different models
  • Designed with the same flex in its handle section, giving all the three shafts a similar feel; however, they have varied mid and tip sections, creating three distinct trajectories.

ATMOS Tour Spec Technologies

  • HIT
  • CAGE
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish

For more information about Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec for sale, read the shaft’s technical specifications.

Why buy at JD’s Club?

Looking for Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec for sale? Buy at one reputable authorized distributor: JD’s Clubs. You can process your order right at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks. So stay updated on when the product is already added to our online store. But then again, you can pre-order today by calling the number provided below.

For inquiries, call us today at (763) 458-4318.

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