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Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft Available

Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft Available

Trying to find out whether or not Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft is available now for sale? Celebrate! Yes, indeed, it is.

Fujikura, one of the brands we carry here at JD’s Clubs, has introduced another yet promising addition to its product line this year – this time, another ATMOS Hybrid Shaft. As you might already know, the brand is recognized for product quality and exceptional performance. So, you can expect that this one has a top-of-its-class quality as well.

Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft – available for sale at your certified distributors – is geared towards the performance golfer. It is engineered to provide a smooth feeling profile and will promote low dispersion and generally low spin compared to its other hybrid offerings.

It is truly a tour flighted line of hybrid shafts – red as the lighter weight and higher launching; blue as mid weight & launch, and black is heavier in weight and lowest launch.

Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft Technologies:

  • HIT
  • CAGE
  • Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
  • 40 TON Carbon Fiber
  • Phantium Finish (which allows to reduce about 70% of the weight)

Buy only at a reputable and certified distributor

Buy only at an authorized and certified distributor to ensure that you get the authentic item and with top-notch quality. A certified distributor such as the JD’s Club can provide a custom fitting experience that will ensure you optimal results for your swing type.

You can make your purchase at JD’s Clubs online store. Buying through our online facility offers a number of advantages – you can process your order right at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks; you can make your purchase at any time of the day.

JD’s Clubs is considered one of the top most reputable custom golf club providers on the internet.

Looking for a Fujikura ATMOS hybrid shaft available for sale?

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