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Find the Unique Feel of Trono – LA Golf shafts Available at JD’s Clubs
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Find the Unique Feel of Trono – LA Golf shafts Available at JD’s Clubs

In golf, great skill is not always enough to win. Your arsenal is as essential as your knowledge, determination, and expertise. This is a fact that every golfer has to face. It could take you hundreds or even thousands of matches to find the best equipment fit for your game style. Shaft selection, to be specific, is one of the most important equipment decisions you’ll ever make! You can try to use the Trono LA Golf shafts!

You can improve your game with just about any shaft, but unlocking your full potential requires matching your shaft to your swing. A shaft your friends think is great might be the worst possible shaft for you.  

Bryson DeChambeau himself partnered with Trono to develop a shaft specifically made for high ball speed players. If that sounds like your swing, watch out!

Finding the Right Shaft for Your Gameplay

Have you been playing for a while now but noticed your swings are still average at best? Or have you been swinging full force and finding the ball still won’t go as far as it should? 

Extreme stability and control are what you should look for if you’re going for high launches, and this exact equipment could be the answer. Although built with a stiff middle section for extreme launch conditions, Trono is also viable for low or mid launches.

Perks of Trono – LA Golf Shafts

Speed is the name of the game, but consistency paired with speed is deadly, and Trono shines bright in both categories. This shaft is mainly designed for players with swing speeds of more than 105 MPH. The average swing speed of pros ranges from 110-115 MPH, and in fact, the PGA TOUR season 2019-2020 recorded an average golf swing speed of 114.1 mph.

If you’re aiming to play like a pro, you grab a shaft that allows you to do it. Undoubtedly, Trono’s characteristics won’t let you down:

Controlled Lightning-fast Swings

Ever wonder how Bryson DeChambeau can swing as fast as 140 MPH but still control the ball like a boss? Trono does the magic! The soft handle of the Trono gives you a good grip, allowing extra smooth swings even after just a few tries. The middle third of the shaft is probably one of the stiffest, while the butt end is softer for a better feel of the shaft while swinging. It’s built heavy, but swinging the Trono will feel stable and smooth.

Straight and Predictable Launches

Consistency is the top priority when you have over 200 MPH of ball speed. Mid-high speed players will love this shaft. Trono is made with a less rigid tip to produce less spin, a better launch, and increased workability. In addition, this shaft is made with 16-sided tooling for added stability and a softer feel.

Simple Elegant Look

Simple, matte black paired with clean, futuristic text including the designers’ initials, set this club apart.  

Several Variations

Trono – LA Golf shafts are available in 3 weights: 55, 65, and 75 grams. Regular and stiff flexes are available at 55 grams, stiff, X and TX at 65 grams, and X and TX at 75 grams.  

Whether you want to improve your overall accuracy or add better control off the tee, try out the new Trono – LA Golf shaft. Visit JD’s Clubs for this and more amazing shaft options.

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