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Featuring Fujikura Ventus TR: The Best Shaft For Exceptional Performance
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Featuring Fujikura Ventus TR: The Best Shaft For Exceptional Performance

Fujikura is an established market leader in golf shaft technology. With amateur and professional golfers alike, the Fujikura Ventus, their top selling shaft family, has made a name for itself as one of the best shaft families. During the 2020–21 PGA TOUR season, Ventus was the most popular driver and wood shaft. Additionally, it was well-liked by upscale club fitters and used equipment manufacturers as an in-line custom alternative.  

The Fujikura Ventus TR, the company’s follow-up to the enormously successful Ventus family of shafts, represents the next generation of shaft development though the Ventus TR’s proprietary use of pitch-70 fiber in the bias layer continues to be its key innovation. It is superior in physical prowess and responds to all complaints leveled against other shafts. They even has an elegant understated appearance. As a “tweener” shaft, it genuinely fits a larger spectrum of players and provides the ideal blend of feel with mid-launch and low spin. 

The Creation of Ventus TR 

According to fitters and Tour players, the original Ventus Blue could feel a little loose for some players going through a transition. Fujikura returned to the lab and used ENSO’s 3D motion-capture equipment to test and improve. 

Fujikura used a relatively weightless Spread Tow cloth to strengthen the shaft’s butt and midsection. A graphite shaft can easily be made stiffer by adding weight, but that wasn’t the assignment for Ventus TR. Spread Tow alludes to a flat, weaving construction that minimizes the space for the resin to collect in cracks or crevices. 

The objective in designing the Ventus TR (Tour Rated) was to improve on the original while keeping the qualities that its devoted following already love. Spread Tow, a unique fabric used in manufacturing, was used in the Ventus TR to achieve this. The shaft’s midsection, which experiences most of the stress during the swing, is reinforced with this incredibly light and durable material. The Ventus TR features more stability without sacrificing the comfortable feel of Ventus Blue because of its mid/torsional handle’s rigidity. It is roughly 10% more than Ventus Blue’s. 


The Ventus TR sports a somewhat updated appearance, with a light phantom paint finish that glitters in the sunlight and a gold “TR” block. Ventus TR is largely a visual  replica of Ventus Blue with some nice enhancements. 

One marked difference is that the Spread Tow weaving technique is visible. If you pay look closely at the butt-end of the shaft. According to Fujikura, the checkered pattern isn’t just a graphic; it provides a glimpse into the underlying technologies through the paint finish. 


The Ventus TR feels comparable, but better. Despite the tip’s exceptional hardness, the butt and mid are supple enough to permit a small kick without causing you to lose your footing. The TR is somewhat tighter than Ventus Blue, particularly at the base of the grip.

VeloCore is still present throughout the Ventus TR shaft, but the new design now incorporates “Spread Tow” fabric in the butt-end area to increase torsional stiffness.

Spread Tow uses weaving to join strands to increase strength and reduce weight, giving it the appearance of a checkerboard. According to Fujikura, the torque is 10% stiffer with this design. 


As a result of decreased shaft distortion during the transition, Ventus TR offers golfers greater consistency, according to Fujikura. Since consistency is typically favourable but not particular, it serves as a useful catch-all phrase. Fujikura, however, isn’t afraid to state that he thinks Ventus TR is more reliable in all significant respects, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, start line, etc. 

Is Fujikura Ventus TR The Best Shaft To Use? 

Each golfers has their own preferences. The Fujikura Ventus TR falls right in between of the Ventus Blue and the Ventus Black. The Ventus Blue is stiffer and the Ventus Black is softer. 

The Ventus TR could be your best option if you enjoy Ventus Blue’s general launch circumstances but want a more solid butt section.


Fujikura delivered with the Ventus TR shaft. Visit your Fujikura fitter to sample the Ventus TR, whether you are deciding between models in the original Ventus series or want to see if there’s something a little better than your Blue or Black. Purchase this trending item from JD’s Clubs!

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