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Experience the Unmatched Feel and Distance of the Cobra King Tec Hybrid
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Experience the Unmatched Feel and Distance of the Cobra King Tec Hybrid

Golf is often stereotyped as a rich people’s game. While golf can indeed be a lot more expensive than other sports due to the cost of the equipment, uniform, and expensive membership fees, there is no reason that a starting golfer can’t play affordably. Public golf courses fare often very reasonably priced. Golf stores also offer pre-owned, good-as-new golf club sets for you to try out. You can be one of the satisfied customers that picks up high-quality, affordable golf clubs such as Cobra King Tec Hybrid and golf sets from JD’s Clubs. 

Precision and Forgiveness in One

One of the greatest American golfers ever, Arnold Palmer, said, “Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” Your passion on the greens can alone make you develop your skills and performance in the game. However, a good foundation partnered with excellent golf equipment can help you improve faster. 

Investing in quality golf equipment asks you to make certain considerations, such as cost, workability, comfort, and whatever else suits your preferences. For beginners, make sure you choose equipment that is easy to work with and affordable. One such club, Cobra’s recent King Tec Hybrid, is fully adjustable, so you can hit any shot you need. It also has tungsten toe weighting centers that allow maximum distance and precision, even when you had an off-center hit. Getting precision and forgiveness in one club can help you develop a nice tee shot– and that’s what we look forward to. 

What Makes the King Tec Winning Golf Equipment?

Cobra won the battle of the irons when they invented the King Tec series, especially the King Tec Hybrid. They are called “Players Distance Irons” because of boost distance, feel, and performance. These features will push you to put this hybrid in your winning golf bag. 

PWRSHELL Technology 

PWRSHELL Technology is what makes this hybrid as a player’s distance equipment. Cobra stands out from other brands because this technology drives more energy to the ball at impact for maximum speed. In addition, it is engineered carefully to reach the sweet spot of the iron, making way for higher launches and remarkable forgiveness.  

Maximum distance hybrid

The Cobra King Tec Hybrid is design to deliver the maximum distance too. You can expect long approach shots and a smooth hit off the tee with its PWRSHELL face cup. Moreover, the weight and loft system of this hybrid can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

Made with lightweight carbon crown

Tec Hybrid is design with a lightweight carbon crown that also contributes to its great distance. It saves 10g of the total weight to lower its CG and get you to the far reaches of the course. The lightweight crown paired with other Cobra  innovations definitely outshines a lot of other winning golf equipment. 

Limitless Performance

The Cobra King Tec Hybrid provides limitless performance using its 12g tungsten weights that can be position on the toe, heel, and front settings. You can achieve long, straight shots with complete control of the shot height and angle with these features and a little practice. 

Slay your Game, Connect With Us

Slay your game with a Cobra King Tec Hybrid! Besides performance with no boundaries, you’ll get to experience the seamless Cobra Connect Technology and automatic shot tracking powerby Accros Golf. If you are looking for a sign to buy new golf equipment, this is it. Get one of these fantastic hybrids at JD’s Clubs. We live by our mantra: “where custom means performance.”

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