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Experience the Technology behind Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Experience the Technology behind Callaway Epic Flash Driver

For years, golf equipment makers have developed a variety of faces in their drivers to increase ball speed and distance. Callaway Golf Company, an American-based manufacturer, has long designed and developed premium products with those goals in mind. The senior vice president for research and development of Callaway, Alan Hocknell, together with his engineers, taught a computer to develop a driver face based on the ever-changing advances in technology. The result was the Callaway Epic Flash Driver.

Experience the Technology behind Callaway Epic Flash Driver

For the past several years, many golf equipment makers have developed a variety of faces in their drivers. Everyone longs to achieve maximum ball speed and distance. Callaway is one of the pioneers in creating products that do just that. The resulting Callaway Epic Flash Driver is now available at JD’s Clubs!

Features and Specifications

Callaway launched Jailbreak Technology – a pair of titanium rods that stretch from the crown to the sole. The goal is to transfer more energy to the face and boost the ball speed. Today, engineers still use Jailbreak. However, Callaway has re-designed the fundamental architecture and structure of the Epic Flash by introducing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to the design process.

Machine Learning: Real Ball Speed

Engineers from Callaway though of developing a new face design in a quest to get more speed in order to maximize distance. They employed their latest machine learning innovation and Artificial Intelligence called Flash Face, through a $5-million supercomputer to unfold the new face of the Callaway Epic Flash Drivers. Compared to the human-designed faces which can be tested five to seven times, this new technology could “learn” an approximate 15,000 virtual prototypes and determine which provided the most speed.

Callaway fed the machine a list goals including United States Golf Association (USGA) conforming CT numbers, maximum ball speed on center strikes, and stress numbers to avoid collapse.

Exceptional Forgiveness

This new driver from the Epic Flash line has a tighter weave. It also redistributes its saved weights within its head to increase the Moment Of Inertia (MOI). It aims for more forgiveness and longer distance on mis-hits. Moreover, it is equipped with a new lighter crown triaxial carbon fabric called T2C.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

Adjustable perimeter weighting allows users to easily position a 16-gram sliding weight on the head. It is designed to promote straighter flights, draws, or fades. The result of all existing technologies equipped in the Epic Flash driver provides up to 2mph more ball speed over any previous Callaway driver models.

Unique and Top-notch Design

Callaway produced the face of each head to render protection against reverse engineering. For instance, it would not properly function if you remove the face of Epic Flash driver and attach it to a different model. Moreover, the engineers forged the inner side of the Flash Face from specialized titanium and treated it at 1100F (595 Celcius) to produce an exceptional face with the combination of flexibility, speed, and strength features.

Price and Availability

The Callaway Epic Flash Drivers will cost $529.99 with available lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12. The customized UDesign drivers will retail for $600. Golf nuts can choose from Project X EvenFlow, Project X HzRDUS Smoke, or Mitsubishi Tensei AV shafts. Watch out for all Epic Flash models at JD’s Clubs!

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