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Experience the Feel and Performance of The True Champion Shaft with The New Diamana TB Series, Available at JD’s Clubs
Diamana TB Series

Experience the Feel and Performance of The True Champion Shaft with The New Diamana TB Series, Available at JD’s Clubs

Once you’ve played your first great round, golf changes for you. You don’t want to settle for “okay” games anymore, and you get caught up in the spirit of competition. As you progress, so should your golf club. The best way to bag lower scores is great equipment, fitted to your style of play. One great piece of equipment that can help you level-up is the fifth-generation Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana TB shaft series.

Comfort Comes First

One of the main features of the new Diamana TB Series is the full-utilization of custom fitting. It helps players get an edge over those who haven’t unlocked the power of custom fitting. Some people hear “custom fitting” and balk, but imagine running with shoes that are the wrong size. You may not even know it’s a problem until you experience a shoe that fits and is made for how you move. Once someone experiences that shift, they never want to go back. Likewise, you want to make sure your golf club is put together precisely just for you.

Custom fitting works by looking at your play characteristics like swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and more. The fitter then analyzes the information to find the best fitting clubhead, shaft, and even grips for the golfer. According to Club Champion Hank Haney, “there isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from club fitting. With the advances in custom fitting technologies to optimize your equipment, everybody can achieve more distance.”

Professional golf players even encourage new players to do it. A professional club fitter’s bread and butter is giving you the best options to help you improve.  

Say Hello to the New Diamana TB-Series

Last 2016, a new hybrid prepreg was incorporated into the 4th generation Diamana TB series for the very first time.  

A new Consistent Feel Design™ separates the 5th generation Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana TB Series from its predecessors. The design enables the minimization of any change in feel as a player shifts between options and allows the fitter to focus on discovering the ideal weight or flex pairing for maximum performance.

Here are some features to get excited about:

  • New dual-phase Mitsubishi Chemical [#371 resin system]

The carbon-rich structure can provide increased strength and responsiveness. The question wise golfers usually ask when purchasing their new club head is, “Will it last?” We all want durable equipment, and the dual-phase resin system means you can expect a strong, long-lasting addition to your bag.

  • True Smooth E.I

The name speaks for itself. The design of the 5th gen TB series helps prevent off angles when you’re having trouble with a consistent swing. Since the rigidity distribution is also polished, it can help various player styles and swings with different specifications such as 40g level and 50TX with light and hard specifications.

  • MoreThan Twice the Mandrel Than Conventional Models

When Mitsubishi Chemical releases a brand-new product, they never fail to impress. The mandrel, which is also called the core metal, provides the “skeleton” of the shaft shape. For the 5th generation Diamana TB Series, the icy sapphire and black shaft are more than twice the standard model. 

2020 just got better with the launch of a new generation from the Diamana TB Series. Don’t miss out on its first-ever resin system and more! The Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana TB Series retails for $359.00. The golf course is waiting. Try one from JD’s Clubs, and once you’ve played a few rounds tell us what you think about it!

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