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Engineered For Longest Distance: Cobra LTDx LS
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Engineered For Longest Distance: Cobra LTDx LS

The LTDx family has been designed from the inside out to deliver the Longest Total Distance using strategic weighting, premium materials, and more intelligent designs. Also, Cobra has unlocked the ultimate combination of zero CG and high MOI to bring you faster ball speed with extreme forgiveness.

The right driver should not be hard to find for you. If you’re looking for an upgrade with all those factors, JD’s Club can help. 

Maximize distance; that’s the one goal for every driver. It’s usually the most expensive club you have in your bag, and one that is most used. It makes sense that you find the one that suits you. With the broad spectrum of drivers and the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all driver, certainly, the selection process is the most difficult for golfers. Finding and getting one that compliments your play style is important no matter your level.

What’s new with the Cobra LTDx LS? 

Lower Spin With Higher Forgiveness

PWR-COR Technology positions a substantial weight low and forwards for faster ball speed with reduced spin. In particular, with most of its weight positioned forward, the ‘LS’ model features the lowest spin and the most workability of the three models.

Cobra’s Hottest Face Design

A new H.O.T Face design is precisely tune for speed using machine learning. Using data from thousands of impact simulations. Specifically, we’ve created 15 different zones with perfected thicknesses to increase ball speed across a larger face area.

Lighter & Stronger Construction

A multi-material construction features up to 30% more carbon and a lighter and more stable titanium chassis. The new design maximizes weight savings to position more mass low and forward in the PWR-COR to increase speed.

Compatibility with Premium Aftermarket Shafts

A club’s performance is a product of each of its components, which is why we use premium aftermarket shafts in our drivers. Furthermore, aftermarket structures are designed with premium materials that provide maximum stability. Lastly, each model and loft is available in various structures and weight profiles to find your ideal performance.

Maximize your Distance and Discover your True Potential

In fact, JD’s Clubs is considered one of the most reputable custom golf club providers! In particular, building high-performance custom golf clubs with precision and passion is their mission. Get your Cobra LTDx LS driver now at JD’s Clubs.

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