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Designed with Elegance in Mind: Callaway’s Odyssey Toulon Design Putters
featured image of the blog titled "Designed with Elegance in Mind: Callaway’s Odyssey Toulon Design Putters"

Designed with Elegance in Mind: Callaway’s Odyssey Toulon Design Putters

Yes, we know you would like to treat yourself to a putter masterpiece this year. And you don’t want to be like anyone else and regret losing some hard-earned money for a putter you don’t like. Visit JD’s Clubs and check out this year’s lineup from Odyssey, the Toulon Design line. 

This year, these sleek midnight-black heads were named after famous cities, which Sean Toulon and Callaway claim as the best-milled putters globally. 


The latest lineup of Toulon Design putters features four key areas; 

Deep Diamond Groove Mill Pattern

These putters will create the best rolling putts Toulon has ever produced due to the deep grooves and sound dampening. 

Midnight Black Finish 

Toulon Design is recognize for its premium look and construction. The beautiful black finish is playe on Tours globally and showcases these putters’ craftsmanship. 

Stroke Lab Weighting

This year, Odyssey updated their Stroke Lab Shaft; there is now 40 grams less steel in the shaft, which can be redistribute elsewhere, the graphite section of the shaft is now longer and closer to the putter head.

Adjustable Weight System

The new two split-weight designs can push the weight forward toward the heel and toe. The weights range from 20-5 grams in 5-gram increments. This will help with inertia, strike quality, feel, and speed control. 


You’d be lying if you said you don’t find the black finish sexy. In addition to its look, a fine white line is there as an alignment aid which further adds character and makes these slick and classy. 

These Toulon Design Putters from Odyssey are appealing, and once you find the model that suits your eye and stroke, you won’t find any fault at all with the looks. 

Verdict of Callaway’s Odyssey Toulon Design Putters  

This year, these luxurious putters will be on our television screens on the PGA tour. Toulon is the Tour’s preferred range due to the feel. The weight, the feel, and how it suits. It is one of a kind. It has a consistent roll off the putter’s face.

Visit JD’s Clubs now and see which one suits you. 

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