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Could the New Callaway Apex 21 & Apex Pro 21 Irons Be The Best Forged Irons for 2021?
featured image of the blog titled "Could the New Callaway Apex 21 & Apex Pro 21 Irons Be The Best Forged Irons for 2021?"

Could the New Callaway Apex 21 & Apex Pro 21 Irons Be The Best Forged Irons for 2021?

Great golfers and novices alike are often on alert for the best driver– anything to get an edge. Experienced golfers know that rather than solely focusing on the “main character” of your set, you should never overlook the rest of your bag. If you’re going to consistently golf your best game, despite challenges, you want a reliable putter, wood, wedges, and of course, irons.

Of course every brand says  its clubs will boost your score. One of the best over the years has been Callaway, long recognize for gorgeous, high-performing golf clubs. Great weekend warriors and pros alike often have at least one Callaway in their bags. 2021 looks like another winner for Callaway and their customers: The latest Apex 21 and Apex Pro 21 irons are about to be a hit in the fitting bay.

The “21st Century Forging” on Spotlight

Callaway’s 2014 Apex irons were already stellar. By combining all-out performance and forgiveness, they made golfers at every level fall in love with their lineup. Now, the 2021 Apex family has a package with the best technology improvements. It is their first forged iron set design with Artificial Intelligence, aiming to give golfers to improve spin consistency and high ball speeds. They are made to provide superior performance with that iconic Callaway feel in each of your swings. 

For the new irons, Callaway used supercomputers to set their high bar even higher. They were able to improve spin characteristics across the irons’ entire face. The individual lofts were configured individually using A.I., resulting in never seen distance, ball speeds, and forgiveness. The engineers also focused on “spin robustness” and control, made possible by a new weighting configuration. This time, Callaway brought the golf world a new iron in the family, the DCB (deep cavity blade), to cater to more range of players. 

Callaway Apex 21 & Apex 21 Pro Irons: Key Technology and Design Features

Callaway has said that “there’s nothing like our best”. Is the set really bigger and better? Will you be playing Apex 21 and Apex Pro 21 Irons in your next game? 

Here are some standout features of Callaway’s new Apex 21 and Apex 21 Pro irons:

A.I. Designed Flash Face Cup: Fast Ball Speed & Improved Spin Robustness

Golf technology has moved fast in the last decade or two. In order to uphold its traditional excellence, Callaway Apex has pushed the envelope on technological advancement. The Apex 21 are first forged irons to have an A.I. designed Flash Face Cup. This unique architecture produces high ball speeds as well as increased spin robustness across the face. 

Tungsten Energy Core: Consistent Launch & Increased Forgiveness

Callaway engineers are serious about making the clubs even better. The newly-released irons boast up to 50 grams of tungsten for Apex 21 and 90 grams for Apex Pro 21, a full 5 times more than the Apex19. They repositioned the Center of Gravity to get that higher launch and increased forgiveness throughout the set. 

Premium Forged Hollow Body Construction: Enhanced Feel 

The company might have added some tweaks to Apex21, but they remained loyal to the pure feel that owners of earlier Apex irons will recognize. They just enhancing it by ensuring the construction would be 100% forging from a 1025 mild carbon steel body and combining it with patented urethane microspheres.

Tour Shaping and Design: Better Turf Interaction

Apart from improving the irons’ performance, Callaway engineers also made it pretty. Really pretty. And that new sleek design does double duty by helping you keep from digging a trench with the occasional off swing.

Deep Cavity Back And Enhanced Sole: Forged Forgiveness

These stunning irons have the look, feel, and performance of forged clubs with the unmatched forgiveness of the deep cavity back design. Engineered for solid turf interaction and easy launch, this is also their most forgiving forged iron yet. 

The new Apex 21 family reflects Callaway’s continued dedication to manufacturing some of the finest golf irons in the game. Get in touch with us at JD’s Clubs and be the first one to get fit for this impressive lineup! 

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