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Cobra KING Putters Supremacy: The Putter that Will Reign This Season
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Cobra KING Putters Supremacy: The Putter that Will Reign This Season

Your putting might not be the most expensive or the longest hitting golf equipment in your bag, but it influences the score you “putt” on your card. A well-fitted putter gives players every technical advantage in getting the hit off the tee or anywhere on the course. With the variety of putter designs and styles available on the market today, it can be hard to choose the perfect putter for you. 

Escaping the disaster of a poorly played par can be daunting, but a well-equipped putter can help convert a lousy stroke into a birdie. Choosing the perfect putter that suits you entails core factors such as the knowledge of green-reading or curve prediction, which takes golfers lots of practice to perfect. It’s been ages since Cobra released new putters, and finally, after so many years of waiting, they’re back and will reign this year’s season. Watch out for Cobra King Putters: 3D, Printed Putters and Vintage Putters.

Guide in Putting Like a Royalty

Golf champions are not born. They are made. 

With lots of practice, perseverance, and discipline, you can play like royalty using Cobra King Putters. The putter face influences your putter’s direction at impact for over 80%, so it’s essential to know your equipment. Here’s the guide to mastering your putter hit. 

Master your Grip

We aim to minimize any unnecessary clubface rotation in our putter. Mastering and improving your grip can make a huge difference in your clubface impact and control, contributing to the overall putter stroke. 

Polish your Putting Posture

The putting posture comes next to grip, and missing these two factors will definitely have a domino effect. Polishing putter posture starts with aligning your body parallel to your intended start line. Make sure your putter face is pointed towards your start line. Then, go for a neutral body posture with little to no movements and less body tension. Create your own putting style. 

Practice your Stroke 

Through lots of practice, you may be able to read the greens without labeling it, but if you’re a newbie, you’re encouraged to ask the experts on this matter. Asking your caddie can give you techniques on how to get a swing. Take advantage of familiarizing the distance and feel the extent of power you need to hit the ball. 

Putt your Ball 

Finally, it’s time to putt the ball. There is no specific rule on putting the ball, just elevate your senses and study every move you make. 

Cobra King Putters Supremacy: Where the Future Starts

Cobra revolutionized the way putters are made with their 2021 collection. The vintage putters are inspired by sports cars which really mesmerized tour players. Meanwhile, 3D putters are not new to cobra fanatics since they were found on radspeed irons. However, the goal to minimize weight has been improved completely. 

3D Printed Putters

3D printed models are not new in the golf market, but the way Cobra improved its technology makes it stand-out. Cobra 3D printed putters not only highlight the 3D printing technology itself but its massive leap in its flatstick performance. Cobra KING 3D Printed Series are the only putters to feature a multi-material 3D printed construction and SIK Face Technology, delivering the most stable and consistent roll on every putt. The 3D printed putter lineup boasts increased MOI and nylon material, making way for forgiveness and stability. Hence, the 3D printed lineup, GrandSport, SuperNova, and Agera, came up with different specifications with its own feature to boast. 

Vintage Putters

Classic shapes with modern performance. Cobra King Vintage Series of putters feature body lines and names that are reminiscent of classic cars. A 304 stainless steel chassis, an adjustable weight system, and SIK Face Technology deliver tuned stability and a pure and consistent roll on every putt. There’s also an embedded sensor to track your putting performance. Cobra King Vintage Putter lineup came with Sport-45, Sport-60, Torino, Nova, Nova-40, Stingray, and Stingray-40. 

Get a Perfect Putter Fit at JD’s Clubs

The great release from Cobra collections made a huge buzz among tour players due to its ever forgiving and stability. The over-design and performance on cobra putters leave an impeccable stab in the lineup of 2021 putters. Check out the collection available in 3D printed putters, vintage putters, and cobra putters. Reach out to JD’s Clubs and get one.

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