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Cobra King MIM Wedges at JD’s Clubs are now Available in BLACK!
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Cobra King MIM Wedges at JD’s Clubs are now Available in BLACK!

Performance matters, but it’s nice to look good while you do it. Even if you’re swinging a wedge. Last year, Cobra introduced the new King MIM wedges, which were celebrated for their technology and look. Now, Cobra has updated King MIM wedge with a black finish that looks as killer as your best swing! 

Guide to Purchasing Golf Wedges for Improved Golf

Wedges are probably the most overlooked gear in a player’s golf bag. Good golfers know wedges are the scoring clubs, and that picking the right wedge to play is vital to achieving lower scores. While there are bounties of options on the market, experts recommend a chip or pitch wedge that matches you. If you want to maximize your potential, you should own sticks gapped with the correct bounce, loft, and lie to match your swing and style of play.

Today, custom wedge fitting has become essential to ensure that you’re able to manage different lies, control your distance, and aim your intended target. Since most irons possess strong lofts and lower centers of gravity, fitting also resolves gapping issues. Your professional fitter will pay attention to these details to make sure you’ll achieve the ideal trajectories, feel, and spin from a fitted wedge set. 

In short, a fitting will help you drop your scores.

Should You Have King MIM Black Wedges? 

Whether you’re like its sleek appearance or high performance, this wedge will give you your money’s worth. 

  • Experience precision from innovation

King MIM wedges are created using a metal injection molding process. This specific step is highly precise and allows designers to give wedges intricate shapes that forging and casting techniques won’t allow. That precision provides  exceptional performance and feel throughout the clubhead. 

  • Take advantage of the softer feel

By heating a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder to 1, 340 degrees Celsius, Cobra engineers made it possible for grains of steel to flow more evenly throughout the head. As a result of this sintering process, the wedge produces the softest feel in any wedge. King MIM is also the first wedge to employ a fully robotic polishing that ensures uniformity in head weight, grind shapes, thickness, and bounce. 

  • Gain the best spin and control

CNC milling has made wedges capable of producing more excellent spin and trajectory control. This technology is usually found in the most expensive forged irons. Its precision and perfectly flat head guarantee Tour-level performance for those dreaming of real game improvement. 

  • Be versatile like Rickie

Cobra King MIM wedges promote versatility at its finest. In whatever conditions, these wedges save you from a low bump or a flop shot over the bunker or the greens. 

  • Look and play smart

Of course, the classic Trusty Rusty Chrome plating is what crowds expect. But who doesn’t fall in love with the new black finish? Not only does the head ensure long-lasting durability, but it also provides a reliable and aggressive look at address. 

Shop King MIM Black Wedge at JD’s Clubs Today! 

JD’s Clubs is an authorized retailer of the Cobra brand. Your satisfaction is our priority. Let us put our years of golf knowledge and experience to work for you.  Grab your King MIM Black wedge at JD’s Clubs and check out our customization services. Call (763) 458-4318 or visit us at https://jdsclubs.com/.

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