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Cobra Aerojet Family here at JD’s Clubs!
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Cobra Aerojet Family here at JD’s Clubs!

The new Cobra AEROJET drivers are designed with one thing in mind: speed.

The AEROJET Drivers are designed with a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to give you the maximum amount of speed. 

It is the successor of the LTD, a terrific line that included three models and offered incredible ball speeds and forgiveness. They included a PWR COR for face support, a CNC-milled H.O.T. face, and adjustable sole weight. Cobra has prioritized speed, usability, and control, and they have succeeded. Amazing speed is displayed throughout, and the forgiving nature of those off-center strikes is outstanding. For individuals who want distance, control, and forgiveness, AEROJETs is ideal.

Aerojet Driver

The most adaptable Aerojets driver, designed for Tour players and amateurs who want a quick, low spin head, high launch, and forgiving.

Aerojet LS Driver

The Aerojets LS has a revised club head shape that outputs a low-demand spin and low launch for the best workability and control.

Aerojet Max Driver 

Cobra’s most forgiving driver is the Aerojets Max. It offers draw bias and unmatched stability in a low-spin design for maximum distance. 

Aerojet and Aerojet LS Tour Length Drivers

Rickie Fowler’s shorter driver, which he believed could improve his accuracy and increase the number of fairways he hits. It was the inspiration for the Aerojets and LS Tour Length driver. In order to provide optimal control off the tee without compromising distance, the Tour Length offering is design with a shorter 44.5″ length. 

Designed with Distance in Mind

Hunt for greens like never before through effortless launch and distance in Cobra’s most technologically advanced iron.

Aerojet and Aerojet One Length Irons

With a 70-gram steel bar in the club head, Cobra’s newest game-improving iron enables the L-shaped face insert to bend further at impact. The variable-thickness face is 22% larger than its LTDx predecessor in the thinnest region. 

Cobra has sold more than 43,000 sets of One Length iron models since 2017, reinforcing the decision to continue releasing them.

Designed with Confidence in Mind

Confidence and consistency on the course inspired by brilliant aesthetics: 

The Pwr Bridge, which gives a greater MOI and a lower, more forward CG, is the core technology throughout the Cobra Aerojet Fairway line. The weight and location of the bar are what distinguish the three types. This lowers spin and speeds up the ball.

Additionally, it has a unique HOT face that keeps ball speeds constant even when struck from an odd angle.

Aerojet Fairway

The Aerojets fairway is built for diverse shot-making. It features a single back-positioned weight and provides a higher launch and added forgiveness for more versatile fairways. 

Aerojet LS Fairway 

Cobra’s lowest spinning model, the LS model, uses a revised and slightly more compact club head form tailored for accurate shot shaping. It features adjustable forward weights for maximum speed and spin reduction. 

Aerojet Max Fairway 

Cobra’s most forgiving head is the MAX model. It features adjustable back and heel weight positioning for fine-tuned bias that provides unrivaled stability. 

Designed for Versatility

Designed for golfers looking for a combination of distance, high launch, and more forgiveness, especially on longer approach shots. 

The Aerojet Hybrids

Aerojet Hybrid

With its combination of distance and high launch, the AEROJET hybrid offers greater forgiveness on longer approach shots as well as adaptability on various lies.

Aerojet One Length Hybrid

With the ONE Length configuration, you may use a single, repeatable setup and swing for more assurance and consistency at all ranges. 


The Aerojet is Cobra’s newest release will replace the popular LTDx family. Their new PWR-Bridge technology, which is found in the rest of the Aerojets family, is designed to create maximum ball speeds by providing the best amount of flexibility within the face and sole through impact. Get it here now at JD’s Clubs!

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