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Get Ahead of the Rest By Getting Your Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges at JD’s Clubs Today!

Get Ahead of the Rest By Getting Your Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges at JD’s Clubs Today!

Cleveland Wedges have become one of the most popular in the golf industry since they were introduced in 1979. We can’t deny the fact that when it comes to wedges, other club designers can’t reinvent something more advanced than this Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges.  Cleveland is renowned for their famous wedges, which have been produced for many of the best players in the world. This Cleveland RTX-4 is considered to be the most advanced wedge they have ever made.

What to expect from Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges?

More Spin

Using the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves, RTX 4 is now tightened more than ever. It generates more spin, that gives you maximum short game control. It is being said that using this tool feels like the ball is truly spinning off the face. The extra milling between the grooves makes the ball spin more.


This one has a smaller profile to give that the classic blade design. This is what the best players prefer, and it also has less offset. It has new sole grind options, which provide the versatility in executing the most challenging of shots.

More Options

More options are available with the Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges, which gives you more versatility and playability. There are 4 new sole grinds available:

Full- This is intended for a solid full shot and crisp pitch shots. This one is also known as the traditional mid-bounce.

Mid- V shape sole cut by means of turf and the trailing edge relief it has that keep a low open-faced shot on the leading edge.

Low- C-shape that gives toe and heel relief for the versatility in any lie.

XLow- This is said to be perfect for hitting shots and tight lies with an absolute open face.

Innovations inside this Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges

Sole Grinds that is more tour developed

It has 4 sole grinds which can deliver enough flexibility intended for the execution of the best short game.

A more develop feel balancing technology

Cleveland made some development in its feel balancing technology. The feel balancing Technology shortened the hosel and the milling microcavity in it which allows the CG to move closer to center. Every sole grind they made has different weight intended for different reasons. Once you take the weight out of your heel, you need to put it back. This feel balancing technology has been optimized by means of loft for a short game control.

Rotex Face Technology

Cleveland RTX-4 features the sharpest grooves as well as the face aggressive milling pattern of Cleveland.

Sole Grind

When we are talking about sole grinds, we think that 3 is good. But 4 must be better. Cleveland has low, mid and also full sole grinds. And now, they are offering the fourth in the list is the XLow which grinds in the super-low bounce level.

If you are looking for an authorized retailer of Cleveland RTX-4, JD’s Club is the best choice for you. Having many years of experience in the industry, we can assure you that we can provide every product related to golf. Every item in our collection is really authentic. It is our pleasure to assist you in choosing the best equipment that will suit your style and needs. Grab your Cleveland RTX-4 which is now available in our collection before it runs out of stock. We can also guarantee free shipping and extra service.

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