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Tour AD IZ Shaft

In a precise game such as golf, every piece of equipment has a significant impact on the performance of the players. One of the top-of-the-range golf essentials is the shaft. It does not come inexpensively, so most golfers spend tons of money to enhance their gameplay. However, with the vast array of golf shaft options in the market today, most players tend to seek an expert’s advice on every of golf equipment.

What’s up golfers? We are pleased to announce that we are adding another item in our product line here at JD’s Clubs: Graphite Design's Tour AD IZ (Trivia: IZ means Into the Zone). Watch out for its launching in early October. And, as soon as this product is already available, we'll add them right away at our online facility, where you can make a purchase with ease, anytime, anywhere - even at

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