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Fujikura Atmos

More exciting news from your JD's Clubs Family: The Fujikura ATMOS Red (non-tour spec) is NOW AVAILABLE!. (For those who have yet to follow us on social media, here are the links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) Fujikura has been producing top-notch quality golf shafts to the market, which is consistent with its mission "to produce the world's best performance golf shafts and bring enjoyment to all golfers." The ATMOS Red (non-tour spec) is a perfect

Trying to find out whether or not Fujikura ATMOS Hybrid Shaft is available now for sale? Celebrate! Yes, indeed, it is. Fujikura, one of the brands we carry here at JD's Clubs, has introduced another yet promising addition to its product line this year - this time, another ATMOS Hybrid Shaft. As you might already know, the brand is recognized for product quality and exceptional performance. So, you can expect that this one

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