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Cobra King F8 and F8+

Stealth and smart - that's how golfers (professionals & hobbyists) describe the new additions to Cobra's product line. The Cobra black irons, wedges, and driving irons are now available and can be purchased at JD’s Clubs online facility. These product upgrades will give you the competitive edge as you deliver the ultimate performance using Cobra's tour-level precision and feel iron. The Cobra black irons The Cobra black irons are available in two different options -

In the middle of November this year we announced the upcoming release of Cobra King F8 and F8+. Now, we are posting this blog to share the latest news about this product. First, we have now the official release date: January 12, 2018; and, second, that we can now take pre-orders. Yes, we are excited to share the good news that we will have everything in stock. So, if you want to

What’s up fellow golf enthusiasts? Are you excited for the new year? There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this 2018 and here’s one: The release of Cobra King F8 and F8+. Yes, you read it right. One of the most popular driver developers is releasing these items from their shelves and out into the golf store near you. And yes, it will be available here at your favorite golf

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