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Callaway’s Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedges Now Available at JD’s Clubs
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Callaway’s Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedges Now Available at JD’s Clubs

The JAWS Raw will bring raw scoring performance to your wedge game! It features the most aggressive grooves in golf, with a face that promotes maximum spin. Callaway is now bringing tungsten technology to a wedge for a weight-balanced club that offers both great feel and control.

Here are some noticeable things about this exciting new club from Callaway.

Raw Face 

The head of the Jaws Raw wedge is fully finished except for the hitting area. Callaway removed the plating on the face, which exposes the groove edge for maximum friction and spin. This’ll allow for micro rusting over time for scoring that won’t hurt playability. 

Groove’s Microfeatures 

Callaway’s design team has chosen not to use full-face grooves with the JAWS Raw. The ungrooved toe section is plated with a more muted finish to reduce glare. 

This microfeature design and raw face create a 30-percent higher spin rate on both full and pitch shots in wet conditions compared to its predecessor (MD5). 

Weight-balanced Design for Enhanced Feel and Improved Scoring Performance 

With the intent to improve the flight and spin characteristics of a raw face wedge, Callaway’s designers sought a weight-balanced design. 

They raised the center of gravity which promotes a lower trajectory with more spin through increasing the length of the hosel in sand and lob wedge lofts. 

For the center of gravity not to be pulled towards the heel from the added weight in the hosel, Callaway added tungsten to one of the ports in sand wedge lofts and two ports in the lob wedge lofts. The tungsten weights also put additional mass directly behind the typical hitting area for open-face shots, resulting in heel-to-toe CG location.

The JAWS Raw lineup includes 17 loft and bounce combinations per finish to fit various wedge needs. 

The Z, S, X, and W-grinds of Callaway’s JAWS Raw

Z Grind 

Designed for shot makers who like to open the face around greens. A tri-level sole design with an aggressive leading edge chamfer acts as a skid plate to enhance turf interaction. The chamfer also reduces digging, making this a more playable low-bounce grind with a shallow divot. This is a versatile grind around the greens for opening the face or hitting it square. 

S Grind 

The S-grind is Callaway’s most popular grind option for various conditions and swing types. The S grind makes for versatile mid bounces wedges that span the full range of lofts. It should work well for a large swath of golfers but is best for players who prefer a square face. 

The S-grind brings a standard medium-width sole with a slight ribbon at the back and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact. A small leading-edge chamfer is employed for enhanced turf interaction.

X Grind 

The X-Grind is a higher bounce sand and lob wedge option. It’s should work well for golfers who struggle low-bounce or a deep divot, and it is best for shotmakers with a steep angle of attack. 

W Grind

The W-Grind is a higher-bounce alternative to the S Grind. It has Callaway’s widest sole in the JAWS Raw lineup with a tighter front-to-back radius and a small leading-edge chamfer. It offers more forgiveness for steep attack-angle golfers or those playing in softer conditions.  


Most wedge manufacturers are now paying attention (and design) to performance in wet conditions. Callaway’s JAWS Raw lineup will improve scoring performance on your wedge game. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

Get it now, here at JD’s Clubs

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