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Callaway Rogue Coming to JD’s Clubs in February

Callaway Rogue Coming to JD’s Clubs in February

Another golf product to watch out for that will be available in February at JD’s Clubs: Callaway Rogue. It is one of the two new drivers from this brand that have been included on the USGA conforming list (the other one is the Sub Zero).

According to some sources who have seen this new product, Rogue will not be a replacement for the Callaway Epic. It is (supposedly) better in every way than Epic.

And, although the manufacturer has not publicly shared more comprehensive details of the product yet, images available at the USGA website (and several reviews), indicate the following:

  • A reference to “jailbreak technology,” which includes two small cutouts in the sole that are similar to the cutouts used in Great Big Bertha Epic drivers
  • Offers an adjustable hosel for loft and lie; boasts a single rear weight deep in the sole
  • It works, according to the USGA, as conditions of Competition for professional events, all USGA championships and selected competitions for amateurs worldwide
  • It features some enhancements that didn’t make it into the original Epic
  • Callaway Rogue only has a single weight, probably not adjustable, in the back


Official Release date is 2/9, although we should have some in stock a bit sooner. We can take pre-orders immediately. Feel free to contact us for your Custom Rogue Driver, Fairway, or Hybrid.

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