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Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids For Sale

Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids For Sale

Callaway never fails to satisfy customers as it continues to innovate to provide them the best products that the sports industry can offer. Its latest items are a proof of that. Golf enthusiasts can now have a first hand experience of the company’s latest additions to its product line – Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids for sale, which are, as other product reviews say it, “engineered for epic performance.” Indeed, its latest designs push the boundary of what’s possible in golf product engineering.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It uses aerospace grade materials
  • Laser welded parts
  • Precision milling

The result: the fastest ball speed and the highest performance ever delivered by a Callaway iron.

Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids for sale (notable figures)

  • 70 engineers collaborated in the design
  • Over 200 processes required to construct and finish each head
  • 65 days required to perfect every detail of each club

With Callaway Epic Hybrids, a golfer can enjoy another top performing product that is made from combined Epic iron technology and Epic fairway wood expertise. This has been engineered to replace problematic long irons. Hybrid can deliver a club that is more forgiving, easier to launch, and produces faster ball speeds off the clubface.

Notable engineering features

  • Uses a crown made from the same triaxial carbon fiber utilized in Callaway’s GBB Epic
  • Lightest and thinnest crown that Callaway has made – weighing only 5g
  • With Tungsten that is 1.8 times denser than steel
  • Ultra thin face cup technology that pushes the Epic Hybrid’s COR to the limit
  • Sculpted around a precision-milled club frame

Where to buy

As we always say it here at JD’s Clubs, always buy only at an authorized distributor. This does not only ensure the authenticity of the product, but also to make sure that you receive the needed professional support.

Watch out for further updates on the availability of these items here on JD’s Clubs website. We also post the latest on our social media accounts for updates. So make sure you’ve followed us on our social media pages.

For inquiries on Callaway Epic Irons and Hybrids for sale, contact us at (763) 458-4318.

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