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Built with #Vspeed, the Mitsubishi Vanquish Golf Shaft
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Built with #Vspeed, the Mitsubishi Vanquish Golf Shaft

The easiest way to add speed and distance comes with a solid feel and killer graphics: Mitsubishi Vanquish golf shafts.

Mitsubishi Chemical has long led the premium lightweight golf shaft category. With their newest addition, the Vanquish, their engineers were determined to face the challenge of creating the best-performing, high-quality premium-performance lightweight shaft. As a successor of the Bassara and Grand Bassara, it is loaded with tech and has more stability than ever.

“V-speeds” in aviation are standardize for each safe and successful flight step. The optimal shaft upgrade for golfers aiming to increase ball speed is represent by #VSPEED, a particularly strong technology foundation based on six essential principles:

Amorphous Wire Technology 

Amorphous Wire Technology has a brand-new application in the Vanquish. The Amorphous wire is employ for the first time in the butt area rather than the tip section. The activity in the handle of the shaft is increase by the flexibility of this amorphous wire to boost ball speed and club head acceleration.

Super Low Resin Content

For optimal feel without sacrificing strength, prepreg with a resin percentage of as little as 20% is employ to achieve less weight and higher carbon density.

High Mod Carbon Fiber

Mitsubishi Chemical used unusual 46-Ton and 40-Ton prepregs in full-length applications for enhanced strength and lower torque—a necessity in a shaft with an active handle section—combined with the ultra elastic, amorphous wire used in the butt part of the shaft.

Uniquely Fortified Tip Section

Engineers at Mitsubishi Chemical applied a brand-new substance to provide more tip stability. A more consistent center-face contact can be achieve by adjusting the angle of the outer layer material in the tip section. This will boost stability throughout the swing.

Consistent Feel Design

Reduces variation in butt OD, weight, and balance point across the whole range. It results in identical sensations across all weights and flexes for maximum ease of fitting.

Precision Crafted Design

To create the closest tolerances in its range, Mitsubishi Chemical manufacturing procedures achieve +/-1 gram and +/-1 CPM in weight and frequency in the Vanquish.

Final Verdict of Mitsubishi Vanquish: 

It’s amazing how Mitsubishi packed this much technology into this lightweight beast. The Mitsubishi Vanquish shaft is offer in 2 variants, the 40 and 50. Mitsubishi offers the entire spectrum of shaft reflexes in both variants. Get it here now at JD’s Clubs!

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