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Another Item to Watch Out For at JD’s Clubs: Fujikura ATMOS Red (non-tour spec)

Another Item to Watch Out For at JD’s Clubs: Fujikura ATMOS Red (non-tour spec)

More exciting news from your JD’s Clubs Family: The Fujikura ATMOS Red (non-tour spec) is NOW AVAILABLE!.

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Fujikura has been producing top-notch quality golf shafts to the market, which is consistent with its mission “to produce the world’s best performance golf shafts and bring enjoyment to all golfers.” The ATMOS Red (non-tour spec) is a perfect example of another quality item from their product line that you should not miss checking out.

We have read news releases and received insights from our insiders and here’s what we have gathered about the shaft performance characteristics:

  • It has a higher launching and softer profile ATMOS
  • It has a similar design profile to the Tour Spec version; however, it is geared towards fitting a wider spectrum of golfers.
  • It has a consistent, smooth feel and is available only in the red launch profile, which signifies the higher flight and spin
  • Employed technologies include CAGE, 30 ton carbon fiber, plantium finish (which reduces the weight), and maximum carbon fiber content

Buy only from authorized distributors

We have said it several times here at JD’s Clubs and we say it again: buy only from reputable and authorized distributors to ensure that you get authentic, top quality Fujikura product. You get top-notch quality service as well as a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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