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All-New Weight Design from Apex MB Irons: A Tour Player’s Must Have!
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All-New Weight Design from Apex MB Irons: A Tour Player’s Must Have!

Every player has their preference when it comes to the set of blades in their bags. Advanced golfers often prefer a sleeker and more compact iron to match their pro-game. With this in mind, Callaway built the Apex MB irons, carried by many of the best players on the course. 

The Apex MB’s classic shape and style, refined sole, compact blade length, and chrome finish turn heads on any course. Besides its stunning appearance, ball strikers love this Callaway blade for its high control and consistent spin. 

How to Achieve Better Iron Shots 

Aligning your iron shot is vital in improving your game. Rory Mcllroy says that a good iron shot can change your entire game. His advice for improving that iron shot is to  move your weight down and forward as you make your swing to allow the bottom of your swing to align in front of the ball. Mcllroy suggested that you C, straighten your knee.

Butch Harmon’s technique is a little different. He says that when you make your swing you want to make sure to push your right knee to your left knee, making a proper shift of your weight forward. He even added that a common mistake is to lift or chip the ball instead of hitting it down and through. When you push your right knee toward the left knee, you can avoid the mistake of trying to chip the golf ball. 

The easiest way to align your iron shot is by putting your chest directly on top of the ball at impact. All in all, be observant of the changes in your left knee, and you will figure out what works for you. 

Callaway Apex MB Irons: A Tour Player’s Best Friend

Pro-players have been testing the new Apex MB since the spring. Based on their feedback, it simplified Tour-level fitting. Find out why with this list of upgrades.

New CG weighting system

Callaway has engineered a new weight in the center of the clubhead, allowing them to dial in swing weights with precision and without messing with the center of gravity location. Depending on the golfer, fitters can switch to a four-gram or 12-gram weight (don’t try this on your own). Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Callaway Golf Co., explained, “Here we can use the same chassis and then modify the weight of the head in a position that’s neutral to the center of gravity. We can adjust the head weight up and down to satisfy different build weights without having to pack the heel with a tip-weighting strategy.

High Performance 20V Grooves

Striking a ball from the rough can lead to uncertain shots, especially when there is debris between your club and the ball. Apex MB irons’ essential quality is a high-level control and consistent spin due to the 20V design. For muscleback players, they need these qualities to step up their games and to strike consistently on every terrain. 

Forged From 1025 Carbon Steel 

Expert craftsmanship is the name of this game. You can see it as far back as the forging process which produces greater consistency and quality in the metal. When Tour players hit with a forged head, they can instantly notice the blend of hardness and feel. The ‘1025’ indicates that there is 0.25% carbon in the steel that affects the metal hardness. It’s the perfect number for resiliency and enough stand loft and lie adjustment.

Tour Shaping and Design

Classic shape and style are a staple in professional gear. It’s tough to resist Callaway’s first-class Apex MB irons’ traditional, thin topline and refined sole. It has a stunning chrome finish to top it all off, making it glimmer under the sun. According to Hocknell, “The iron needs to have classic lines, but there are more subtle shapings players have prioritized over time.”

This November, it’s time to treat yourself to something sweet! Freshen up your set of blades with Apex MB Irons from JD’s Clubs. Seek them out at JDsClubs.com or speak to our golf experts at (763) 458-4318.

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