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When it comes to producing composite golf shafts that the world’s greatest golfers would use, Aldila will be on top of the list. The products manufactured by this brand have become iconic and have been known for many years now. With almost no shortage of innovation to offer, golfers can’t get enough of their equipment, especially the Tour Green and Rogue series.

With the launching of Aldila Rogue 130MSI, the interest of golfers, both amateurs and pros, was stimulated once again. Nobody can’t resist this new addition to Rogue because of its design, materials and innovative features.

The Making of Aldila Rogue 130 MSI

The Rogue Silver 130 MSI is said to be the successor of the Rogue Silver 125MSI. MSI means millions of pounds per square inch, and it explains how stiff the fiber is. The higher the number of MSI, the higher the stiffness it provides.  Can you imagine the stiffness Aldila Rogue Silver can give?

Moreover, the new product carries the tapered butt counterbalanced design which is the same as the Rogue Silver 125MSI. The difference is that the strong carbon fiber of 130MSI produces slightly lower torque. It offers low spin and low launch. Here’s more! It boasts the most durable materials used in any Rogue shaft to date!

The Rogue 13MSI is the newly added Rogue series that will surely deliver unmatched performance with the help of rare, exotic and advanced aerospace materials. The end product is regarded as the most identifiable and successful shaft brands. Let’s have a look at what else can this new series of Rogue has to offer.

    • It is made up of state of the art technology and innovation which includes MLT (NexGen Micro Laminate Technology).
    • Utilizes ultra-thin layers of premium aerospace grade materials to remove inconsistent shots while enhancing feel.
    • Made up of specialized carbon fiber DIALEAD Pitch Fiber recognized for its energy transfer properties and superb strength which then helps in minimizing unwanted shaft deformation.
    • Stiffened and strengthened grip and decreased torque to enhance the feel and control.
  • Shaft Flex is available at 60R, 60S, 60TX, 70S, 70TX and 80TX

Aldila Rogue provides unmatched performance by using the extremely high and advanced Graphitic Carbon Fibers. The Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI already made a name. Many Tour pros have already switched to this new shaft including Jimmy Walker, Kevin Chappel, Martin Flores, and Chez Reavie.

Being the newest offering on the generation of Rogue, Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI will surely redefine performance and innovation. The Aldila Rogue Silver 130MSI is perfect for stronger players who are seeking control in their woods and to those aiming for more stability.

What now?

There’s no doubt about it, Aldila Rogue 130MSI will be one of the most popular shafts in the industry. With its state of the art materials and unusual features, there is indeed more to enjoy in your game. Be one of those who already converted by getting yours at JD’s Clubs today! Our shop is one of the authorized and trusted dealers of Aldila. Visit our website now and let us help you make your switch!

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