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Achieve Ultimate Groove Performance with the Latest King Cobra Snakebite Wedges Available at JD’s Clubs
featured image of the blog titled "Achieve Ultimate Groove Performance with the Latest King Cobra Snakebite Wedges Available at JD’s Clubs"

Achieve Ultimate Groove Performance with the Latest King Cobra Snakebite Wedges Available at JD’s Clubs

Unfortunately, wedges’ grooves wear out over time. If you keep using your favorite sand wedge forever, your game will eventually suffer. It might get the job done – maybe – but if you find yourself pleading more and more often, “please, spin!” or that you are getting eight or nine feet of roll where you used to get ten, your grooves may be wearing out. You may consider using the new King Cobra Snakebite wedges.

In a nutshell, grooves help maximize the amount of spin on your shot so the ball won’t stop on the green. When a wedge has been through a thousand bunker shots, those grooves are going to start impacting your game, even when you hit decent shots from a sand trap or from the rough. If you want to improve your short game, it may be time to consider an upgrade. 

This year’s sharpest grooves are on the face of the all-new King Cobra Snakebite wedge. If you’re after perfect spin inside the 100-yard scoring zone, take a look.   

How Grooves on Wedges Impact Your Short Game

Tour pros change their wedges frequently for a reason. It isn’t just because they have limitless access to equipment. They know how impactful new, sharp grooves are. If you’ve been using the same edge in your practice, at some time you probably started to wonder if there was grass built up in your grooves, even if you had just cleaned them. 

Research conducted by Titleist’s Vokey R&D found that a wedge starts to lose spin and performance after about 75 rounds. A ball floating rather than spinning and penetrating when it hits the fairway is another telltale sign that it’s time for a change. With a new set of grooves, you will get more control and more precise shots. If pros take nothing for granted and grab new wedges without thinking twice, why shouldn’t you? 

Replace Your Old Wedge with All-New King Cobra SB

Cobra steps up their game every year, taking their own advice and constantly making their products better. 2021 started great for them soon as they released their new wedge line, the King Cobra Snakebite wedges. All of the improvements to these stunning wedges were designed to help golfers get more ‘bite’ on the greens. 

Perhaps it’s time to replace your old, trusty wedges and consider the amazing features you’ll have with King Cobra SB: 

New Snakebite Groove Technology: Maximum Spin and More ‘Bite’

Aside from the nostalgic throwback of the King Cobra logo, Snakebite also boasts a new groove technology that utilizes a re-engineered cutting method. This allows the wedges to maximize groove volume and tighten groove tolerance with the sharpest and the most accurate grooves you’ll find. 

Progressive Face Grooves: Maximum Spin Performance

Cobra increased Snakebite’s grooves depth by 11% and sharpened their edges by 40%. The progressive grooves on the clubs’ milled face gave way for higher lofted wedges (56-60) to create more spin and make the spin performance more consistent.  

Progressive Spin Technology: Consistent Trajectories

The Snakebite wedges with stronger lofts (50-54) feature narrower and tighter grooves. Weaker lofts (56-60) have wider, shallower grooves which help create maximum spin and consistent trajectories between lofts. 

3 Available Grinds + One Length: More Options

To accommodate golfers’ unique needs, the King Cobra SB is available in three sole grinds. The wedge with Versatile grind is a solid performer in medium to firm conditions, while the Classic grind is perfect for golfers looking to sweep the ball off the ground instead of swinging steeply. The last one, the Widelow grind, comes with a wide sole effective in soft turf conditions and bunkers. In addition to these traditional-length wedges, Cobra also made one length option available, each measuring 37.5 inches in length. 

Cobra Connect: Better On-Course Decisions

Powered by Arcoss, each SB wedge has an electronically enabled sensor built-in to the top of every grip. The system automatically tracks your shot’s distance and accuracy, so you can review your performance data and make better on-course decisions. 

“Is it time to change my old wedges?” The fact that you have this question in mind is already a sign you know there could be something off in your game. Give the new King Cobra Snakebite wedge a try and experience the power up you get from wedges the best grooves you’ll find. Stop by the JD’s Clubs and set up your wedge fitting. If your wedges have seen 75 rounds or 750, this new wedge will pay big dividends!

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