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A Shaft for The Aggressive: LA Golf’s Bryson Signature Series
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A Shaft for The Aggressive: LA Golf’s Bryson Signature Series

Bryson James Aldrich DeChambeau is an American pro who plays on the PGA. He got the nickname “The Scientist” from his Physics major at SMU and his analytical approach to golf. Bryson DeChambeau designs unique woods and single-length irons. He, together with LA Golf, has patented 16-sided HD tooling, proven to enhance feel, performance, and durability. LA Golf revamped its shaft collection for this year, starting at the top with a new Bryson Signature Series that includes wood and iron shafts. LA Golf’s Bryson Signature Series A shaft is built to stand up to the most aggressive swings.


When you first look at the Bryson Signature Series, the finish is the most notable difference between it and the similarDJ series. The Bryson has a matte finish, while the DJ Series is glossy. Bryson’s blue color is slightly darker than the DJ’s, and the LAGP logo in the Bryson is red, while DJ’s has it in white. 

Like the DJ, the Bryson Series shaft’s focal point is the LA Golf branding. The red, white, and silver logos are the center of attention. 


The Bryson Signature Series is classified as low/low. Many shaft makers describe their shafts as “low launch, low spin,” but the Bryson is the real deal. This is the one you’re looking for if you need a shaft that’ll bring down your trajectory and drop spin. 

The Bryson has a fast backswing and gets into the downswing faster than you’d expect, too. This shaft facilitates a long, straight, and piercing drive. If you have an aggressive swing, this shaft will put that power to amazing use. 

Conclusion About Bryson Signature Series : 

This shaft is built for one thing: stability. The Bryson Signature Series feel is in line with its love of aggressive swings. Expect tremendous accuracy and a strong anti-left bias with such a low launch and spin.

Most of the time, signature series gear has no real correlation to the player, but the LA Golf Bryson Signature Series is a shaft that wants to be swung like its namesake. If you swing hard and fast, this shaft is perfect for turning that speed into long, beautiful drives. 

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