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A 2020 Banger: JD’s Clubs Now Offers the Newest Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shafts
featured image of the blog titled "A 2020 Banger: JD’s Clubs Now Offers the Newest Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shafts"

A 2020 Banger: JD’s Clubs Now Offers the Newest Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shafts

The pros have been playing with graphite shafts more and more over the years. Graphite is an excellent option if you want faster swing speeds and more distance with better feel—the makings of A-games. Many prefer graphite over steel shafts because they’re a better fit for most, if not all, drivers and woods. Hence, every player wants to use pro-level shafts, and this one can definitely make a difference in your game!  Introducing their new Tour AD HD shafts.

Graphite Design, an industry leader in shaft technology, has long been an innovator in this field. They just released the Tour AD Hyper Drive Shaft, a high-performance shaft that uses superior, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials. Its build consists of a firm bottom section, firm center section, and firm tip that upholds a mid-launch angle and low to low or mid spin rates. This shaft is available in different variations: 40g R2, R1 and S flex, 50g R2, R1, S and X flex, 60g SR, S, X, and TX flex, 70g S, X and Tx flex, and 80g S and X flex.

Get to Know the Company Behind These Fantastic Shafts

Graphite Design, Inc., is a pioneer company in designing and manufacturing premium graphite composite golf shafts. Located in Chichibu, Japan, they’ve been in business for 31 years. They work with the world’s best material manufacturers to develop and introduce new techniques, advanced resin systems, and composite materials to the golf industry. Today, Graphite Design produces some of the world’s best golf equipment to help improve golfers’ games.

Graphite Design is also the leading producer of composite shafts that maximize the accuracy and distance emphasized in their “Tour AD” logo. They have produced the number 1 shaft brand on the Japanese JGTO Professional Tour for the past seventeen years.

What Makes Tour AD HD Shafts Stand Out?

Every golf player wants to improve their equipment. The right club, after all, is an instant upgrade to your game. JD’s clubs always ensures that their clients get the best possible shafts for their style of swing and play! Today’s spotlight: The newest Tour AD HD Shafts, made with a brand new technology from Toray. 

Here’s a breakdown of what sets the Tour AD HD Shaft apart from other graphite shafts:

TORAYCA T1100G Carbon-Fiber with NANOALLOY technology

TORAYCA T1100G uses the most up-to-date carbon-fiber materials produced by Toray Industries, Inc. This new material technology enables Graphite Design’s experts to intricately build each part of the shaft, giving each the stiffness it needs. This way, the shaft gets more stability without gaining weight. This is exactly why an AD HD shaft can provide you better accuracy and distance.


M40X, on the other hand, is also a carbon-fiber that was used in Tour AD HD’s mid to tip section. In addition to that ,the material has been demanded by the market for quite some time now for the smooth feel it gives in the equipment. It is claimed to be over 30% stronger than other conventional materials. With M40x, you can enjoy more loading and more distance without the loss of control. 

Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) Design

By using its proprietary design combination and formulas to its products’ stiffness and fiber volume, Graphite Design is able to produce shafts with unmatched accuracy, distance, and feel. 

Bold Look

The art deco-style lettering with a two-tone coloring on each side. – your friends would recognize on the first tee that your shaft is from makes it easy to ID these Graphite Design beauties from across the green. 

Smooth, Responsive Feel

Through the Fast Taper Technology (FTT) design, the new Tour AD HD also holds the feel you first loved with Tour AD shafts. A great loading and unloading feel to the shaft during the swing makes it very smooth. without feeling too flexible. 

Step Up Your Golf Game Now!

Keep up with the pros and get your Tour AD HD fitted to your swing and playing style. The time is now. Give your weaponry an expert edge and sleek look, and get the help of JD’s Clubs to get a fitting. Visit our website now at https://jdsclubs.com/ and check out more exceptional products. Call (763) 458-4318 now!

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